Tuesday, 15 October 2013


The BBC Crimewatch program last night left much to be desired.

It seems as if the UK Police are investigating a new Crime.  They are concentrating purely on the time lime and bringing into the equation suspects that have never been considered before.  The only good thing they have done is disproved the evidence of Jane Tanner and cleared the man she saw of any suspicion.

During the whole program ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION was made of the previous evidence and investigation carried out by the Portuguese Police.

What happened to the Tennis Bag?
What about the blood on the Apartment floor?
What about the signs of death discovered by the Uk Police Dogs in the apartment and the car.
What about some of the suspicious and unexplained car trips?
What about the twins managing to sleep through all the turmoil?
Why did the McCanns call the Press immediately?
Why are the rest of the Tapas group not featuring in any part of the program or investigation?

There are still so many questions to answer, not least of which is the casual attitude of the Parents.  The constant chasing for money and suing people left right and centre.

Why are they suing Detective Amaral who carried out the investigation to try and find their child, until he was thrown off the case.  Is the £2M they are claiming a real value for his publishing a book about the case?  Kate must have had equal upset whilst penning her own narrative.

Something is wrong, and something in the cupboard smells.  No doubt in time, with good and sensible Police work, the truth will out.   We look forward to that day!


Anonymous said...

Here Here ! Crimewatch presenation was very dissappointing , still not sharing the full investigation.

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch it as I believe it to be a complete circus and terribly disrespectful to the Portuguese police.
I honestly am sick of seeing the mcanns mugs on TV and have never felt any warmth from them or for them.
Complete and utter waste of UK money.

Anonymous said...

somebody told me that the promenade was being upgraded that year, did anyone look there?

Concerned said...

Madeleine was almost 4, quite capable of yelling, screaming, saying 'You're not my Daddy' to any possible abductor. Sleeping near her was a younger more compliant girl, easier to carry and smuggle out. If this was planned, which one would you take?

Anonymous said...

I think the police are either
a) completely stupid and clutching at straws with this new investigation, or
b) know exactly what they're doing - it's time for a game of cat and mouse - the truth will prevail and I for one won't be surprised by the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Watching the program "Aktenzeichen XY" in Germany (the equivalent of "Crimewatch") something struck me: Gerry McCann says if they could deliver a message to Madeleine, he'd say: "We would tell her how much we LOVED her". Why does not say "We would tell her how much we love her"??

Anonymous said...

Crimewatch was poor, I don't trust nor believe anything the media are feeding the public and I feel like there is something very wrong with this entire situation. While people are writing books about 3rd May and surrounding circumstances, going on TV to appeal for information and providing the media with material to continue the circus I think people are forgetting about the poor girl who is missing. I would tell the police and media to stop getting caught up in the controversial elements of the case and find out what actually happened to Madeleine - whatever the cost!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this question has already been asked: What about the other Children missing abroad/here? What 'if' a single Mom on a break who saved hard, but on Benefits? Hmmm, need we guess!
Cannot stand Jerry's sneerish grin nor, Kates' downtrodden stance. Wonder how much money in the 'pot' for legal assistance?
I say: take the lie detctor test (both parents), and clear your name once and for all for the longer you desist - we the public will 'wonder why not'.

Anonymous said...

Poor Maddie poor little lost girl. Where did mummy and Daddy put you. Why would anyone leave 3 children under 5 all alone.

madcatlady said...

The problem with the British media is that no one wants to believe that the parents might know more than they are letting on. If you challenge the assumption, that she was kidnapped by gypsies or a child sex ring on in any of the comments pages, you get ripped to shreds! If this had been a council estate couple on welfare, they would have been arrested and charged instantly and the twins taken into care. Money and status really do talk. For that poor child's sake I really hope the truth is out soon.