Sunday, 19 May 2013


Sunday Express, 19 May 2013, reveals that a "key" witness states that a middle aged couple entered the McCann flat to comfort Maddie when she was crying, on the evening before her abduction.  Apparently this is "new" and "significant" evidence, even many years after the event, and probably yet another clutch at straws!   It seems the McCanns were, as usual, wining and dining after having left the children alone and unsupervised.   The resident upstairs stated that Maddie's crying could be heard on most evenings when the parents were out.  The lady has since  unfortunately died, but she did make a statement at the time. 

It is amazing - how did the "middle aged couple" who have now entered the scene,  get into the flat to comfort the child?  Or is that a bit of mis-reporting, or was the apartment actually left insecure?

The Police now have 20 people they wish to "interview", so what have they been doing so far in the months they have had available?  37 times NO-A-LOT it seems.

It is a well know fact that the vast majority of crime against children, including abduction, is perpetrated by family, close friends or people known to the family.   As unbelievable as it may seem, the crime of child abduction is rarely carried out by strangers.

In our opinion a re-enactment of the crime, the return of detective Amaral and his team, and a re- assessment of the forensic and other evidence obtained at the time, is the only way forward.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Today's Daily Express headlines the Madeleine disappearance yet again, with what appears to be an exclusive break-through in the investigation.

After having read the whole article we find that it is just a lot of hot (or more like tepid) air with no positive news regarding any developments in the case.  Rather it seems to be trying to justify the efforts of the 37 Police Officers employed on the job and saying that the person or persons responsible must be out there somewhere, and they will be searching through their files to eliminate suspects from their investigations.   Putting it bluntly the message seems to be, "We are no further on than we were 12 months ago, but will continue!"  

Their hope appears to centre on the recent discovery of the three women in America who were abducted and found alive after almost 10 years of imprisonment in their abductor's house.  

Or is there some hidden message in this latest report,  especially as they now appear to be trying to move the case back to its origin in Portugal?

Sunday, 5 May 2013


We have no excuse for echoing the front page headline from today's Sunday Express where the former suspect Robert Murat suggests that the episode surrounding Maddie's alleged abduction should be replayed on the original stage, in and around the apartment of the Holiday Complex from where she disappeared.
The Portuguese Police also need to become involved in any reconstruction with Detective Amaral being recalled to lead the investigation team.
ALL the evidence including that provided by the British dogs and the Forensic team needs re-examining, as does that of all the witnesses to any pertinent event.
The rest of those on Holiday with the McCanns, who have all been remarkably quiet since that fateful day, need to play their part and speak out giving every detail they are able without fear of recrimination should they add further to their original statements.

The case must be resolved and those responsible brought to book if found.  It cannot be allowed to continue ad infinitum.

Friday, 3 May 2013


Six years ago today, in Praia da Luz, in The Algarve of Portugal,  an exclamation by Kate McCann from the balcony of a rented holiday apartment, sparked off one of the biggest and most expensive man hunts ever.
Many of us have read, in detail, the various accounts and theories as to Madeleine McCann's disappearance and the alleged abduction by a person or persons, as yet unknown.  We have seen the attempts made by various agencies, the Portuguese Police, a Spanish Detective Agency, Ex UK Police Detectives, Leicestershire Police and now the resources of Scotland Yard, to find a solution to the mystery.  Achievement so far - NOTHING POSITIVE.
Due to interference by UK Government the Portuguese Detective who was making progress with the case was removed from his task.   Perhaps this was the biggest mistake that was made.   Many are convinced that had Detective Amaral remained on the case it would now just be part of history.

Many people also regard the Parents of Madeleine as being responsible for their child's disappearance by leaving them totally unattended and without supervision when they went off with their friends to eat, drink and be merry.  

Everyone feels sorry for Madeleine and, naturally, hope she will be found one day.  
Very little sympathy is felt for the McCann parents who many consider were, by their actions, a contributing factor to their own loss.