Sunday, 28 April 2013

£4.5 million and RISING

It is reported today that bill for the Scotland Yard Police put on the Maddie case in May, 2011 has now risen to £4.5 million, and with more to come.   There has been no positive result so far, as the sixth anniversary of the crime looms on 3rd May.
How much more will be spent on what appears to be a fruitless exercise?  
If Maddie is in the hands of abductors it is unlikely they would allow her anywhere that she could be recognised, and would also take every step to disguise her.   By now Maddie herself would probably have been conditioned to the life style of her abductors and could well have forgotten her previous existence prior to 3 May 2007.  A positive DNA test would be the only evidence of her identity, and it would certainly be very difficult for her to integrate back into her own family.
Assuming that she is still alive, there is an argument for her to be left with her abductors and hope that she has  a good and fruitful life in her new environment.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Kate McCann is apparently participating in the London Marathon.  On the Daybreak Program she did mention a number of recent injuries that she said may affect her performance.

Kate managed the 26 miles and a few yards in around 4 hours, so a reasonable performance for a 45 year old!  In doing so she raised over £20,000 for lost persons charity.  

100 REASONS WHY . . . . . . .

Maybe it is time to go back a couple of years, closer to the time that Madeleine was allegedly abducted, and have a new look at some of the "evidence" of the time.   A good place to start would be the article "100 REASONS WHY MADELEINE McCANN WAS NOT ABDUCTED"  .  Check it out and see what you decide.

All credits for reproduction to the Author.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


According to the aforementioned member of the Tabloid Press, there are still 30+ Scotland Yard  Police Officers working on the Madeleine McCann case.  The cost to the taxpayer must now run into MILLIONS and for what?  There has not been ONE POSITIVE REPORT of any findings leading to the arrest or prosecution of any known or unknown suspect.   In fact the only person they seem to want to blame the abduction on is a poor old man who died some time ago in a German hospital.  

Why must we go on paying for all this?  The McCann's have had the Portuguese Police on the case, but got rid of the main Investigator; maybe because he was a getting little too close to the truth.  Then it was the un-brilliant services of Metodo 3, from Spain who took the money everyone had donated but achieved absolutely nothing.  Then a couple of ex cops from the UK who were paid handsomely but got nowhere with their investigations.   The UK Police, now on the case, are doing little no better, so one must ask whether it is still worth throwing more money after what seems to be a lost cause?

One idea could be to get 500 or 1,000 people to go to Luz armed with shovels and start digging, on the beach or wherever the inclination takes them.

I always recall the words, "I feel closest to M..... when I am by the rocks on the beach."

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Front Page articles from Daily Express, Wednesday, 17th. April 2013, being the day of the Ceremonial Funeral of Margaret Thatcher.

Apart from the Maddie picture on the cover, Kate McCann is now the "Page Three Girl" as the whole page is taken up with an article. . . . . . 

One would have thought that even Madeleine's parents would have given the funeral the respect it deserved without, once again, reminding us of Madeleine's demise.    

As usual the McCann's are "cashing" in on someone else's event - and the day of a Funeral for an ex Prime Minister  should have been kept sacrosanct, no matter what one thought about her.

We think it is time for the McCanns to get on with life. 

What do you think?