Monday, 30 November 2009

The Cancelled Reconstruction . The above link relates to the happenings surrounding the proposed reconstruction of the events on the evening of Madeleine's disappearance. The Portuguese Police felt that by holding a full reconstruction of the events of that evening with the actual persons taking their own roles they would be in a position to further explore the evidence they had alrady assembled and clarify any areas of uncertainty. . Despite assurances given by the Police as to the safety of the McCanns and the others in the party the reconstruction had to be cancelled as there was a refusal by them to take part. Not exactly what one would expect from doting parents and their "friends" desperate to locate a missing youngster. . The link shows the results of the efforts of the Police to set up the reconstruction and the lack of co-operation of the British party. . Thanks to Ironside .

Sunday, 29 November 2009


I want to take this time to digress briefly from the Madeleine story to tell of a happening just over 4 years ago.
A couple were staying at the Vila Gale Cerro Alagoa Hotel in Albufeira and were almost at the end of their 2 week holiday. In the middle of one night the lady needed to visit the bathroom in the process of which she had an unfortunate accident. Somehow she slipped on the bathroom floor and hit her head on the marble floor. However, she returned to bed and slept until the morning.
In the morning the husband found it difficult to wake her up and when she did awake her speech was garbled and it became obvious that something was wrong. She was able to explain that she had fallen but little else. There was no sign of blood or any wound to the head but nevertheless a Doctor was called. The Doctor was unable to give any firm diagnosis and a Scan of the wife's head was arranged at the Albufeira Radiological unit which was only 5 minutes away.
Immediately on completion of the scan the Radiologist urgently summoned an Ambulance and the lady was rushed at Faro Hospital 30 miles away where a Specialist in head trauma was waiting to meet her. Shortly afterwards an emergency operation was performed to drain a massive haemotoma on the left side of the head and also to repair a fracture in the skull. This was followed by 12 days in the hospital for recovery and observation to ensure that no brain damage had occured.
Fortunately no blood had leaked into the brain and there was no brain damage, and the lady made a normal recovery.
The point of this tale, which is totally true, is to point out that invariably all the floors in Algarvian property are either tiled, marble or some other very hard substance and are generally without carpets.
Now if the person falling from, say the back of a setee or a windowsill, had been a small child, could the consequences have been more serious? We leave you to ponder.
The lady involved is my wife!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Defamation - no action

From what we have seen so far the McCanns have done everything to suppress any suggestion that they had anything to do with the disappearance of their Daughter, Madeleine, apart,of course, from leaving her together with her siblings, unattended in the apartment whilst they went to dinner. We and many others are assuming that all the Lawyers fees they are incurring are being paid for out of their own pocket and not from the "Find Madeleine" Fund. Unless that fund is now so organised that it can be used for anything to do with the McCanns daily lives including legal action against all and sundry. It is noted that, as yet, they have not issued proceedings for Defamation. Should they ever decide to do so it will be up to them to prove that what has been said or written is not true, rather than the defence to prove that it is true. Such a case would be very interesting as they would then be the subject of very rigorous scrutiny.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Skinning the Kat

The Madeleine McCann abduction mystery seems to be full of so many twists and turns that it would make an interesting case for Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple and every other fictional and non-fictional detective. We now learn that that Metodo 3 who were employed by the McCanns to find Maddie had never found a missing child in their lives despite bragging to the contrary. It seems that their reputation is not as "squeeky clean" as it should be and that the company and individuals have tarnished reputations. Kevin Halligen who was also employed by the McCanns made wild promises to them but only came up with a Google Earth Image that was less than useless for the extotionate amount of money they paid . He is now being sought in connection with a £1m con and should never have been engaged in the search. For many months now the Maddie investigation has been carried out by two English detectives but yet again has not come up with any positive or useful evidence that we have seen. This all makes one wonder if the McCanns are using all the donations made by the public in a wise and efficient manner. Together with the vast publicity machine and propaganda, and employing questionable "experts" from soothsayers to investigators, the total spend must be well over 7 figures, and so far all to no avail. The McCanns themselves seem to be doing very little apart from paying out these vast sums to all and sundry. Maybe it is time for them to get up off their backsides, cease their "all expenses paid" trips all over the globe, and return to Portugal and start again from scratch. Possibly even meet with Detective Amaral - but no - that would too much to expect!

Sunday, 22 November 2009


No.1 Post under the above heading is now up to comment 10, so it is time to introduce Evidence or Speculation No. 2. Please now post your new general comments in this section. Thank you.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Every day we are receiving more and more comments on the mystery of the missing Madeleine McCann . The result is that some of the posts are becoming extremely lengthy. We have decided to introduce new posts where comments of a General nature may be made which we hope will make them easier to read. The subject heading will be as above but numbered so that one can easily return to whatever post is of interest at the time. .

Monday, 16 November 2009


This link is to an interview with Goncalo Amaral about the gagging of his book "The truth of the Lie". It is a very revealing interview and worth reading as it questions the rights of individuals to our ancient right of the Freedon of Speech. Thanks to Ironsides.

New Pictures Maddie at 6

Recently we were treated to the age progressed impressions of what Maddie would possibly look like now that she is 6 years old.
All very fine but surely any abductor would disguise the child and not leave her in the same style as she was at 3 years old? Unless, of course, they were total idiots! Talking of which, whoever made up these "age progressed" images should have considered that her hair could have been shortened and re-styled and her whole appearance changed. She could have curls or ringlets or plaits or any one of many styles that are used by young children today. She could even be disguised and dressed as a boy which would not be difficult to carry off, even with her childs voice!
Why on Earth did they not consider all these aspects? It is so unlikely that Maddie still resembles her 3 year old image or even the 6 year old impression. It makes one wonder if those responsible for this latest publicity really wanted her to be found! The seven languages in which the video was produced is worthless if the images are less than helpful.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Amaral gets lots of support

Ironside sent the following very interesting link: Good evening Councillor Blog. A very nice site, well thought out. So nice to see that you are showing both sides of this case.Thank you.You may also be interested to know that there is a lot of Press coverage on Goncalo Amaral today in the Portuguese Press. .

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Today's Press report that the services of Scotland Yard and Britains top abduction squad are being asked to get involved with the Madeleine McCann (alleged) abduction case. Perhaps if the McCanns had not been so keen to criticise the Portuguese Police and decide on their own course of action we may have seen the case solved and an arrest made long ago, in fact within days or weeks of the alleged offence. We have read The Truth of the Lie, by Detective Amaral and the evidence presented gives an indication as to where the truth is. The most convincing is the smell of death unearthed by the trained ENGLISH dogs who found this evidence by the sofa in the lounge, in a wardrobe in the parents bedroom and in the car they hired. The other evidence points out discrepancies in the statements given by the various members of the holiday group together with other evidence gleaned from ordinary people who were witness to various incidents that happened around the apartment and in Luz itself. The McCanns have spent a veritble fortune on publicity, travel, PR gurus, spokespersons and private detective agencies and the presently employed detectives all to no avail. The World will probably be delighted to see the specialist British squad get involved and the whole matter brought to a conclusion. The Portuguese will give them all the assistance they need. However, do not denegrate what the Portuguese Police have done as the McCanns themselves appear to do. They were operating in a difficult situation with un-cooperative people who condemned their actions from day one and according to Amaral's book were more interested in defending their own position than helping to find the answers. It cannot happen soon enough, the World is waiting!

Sunday, 1 November 2009


This is the latest (very expensive?) web site to be launched in the "Find Maddie" campaign. It is worth a look.

Kate McCann is also coming out of her shell and will be having a week of interviews on various Television Channels.