Monday, 16 November 2009


This link is to an interview with Goncalo Amaral about the gagging of his book "The truth of the Lie". It is a very revealing interview and worth reading as it questions the rights of individuals to our ancient right of the Freedon of Speech. Thanks to Ironsides.


LJC said...

I sincerely hope that Mr Amaral, with all the support he has been pledged, can finally get the McCann's into Court. It would make a change to hear them having to answer questions put to them for a change, instead of listening to their very well rehearsed replies, no doubt supplied to them by Clarence Mitchell.

It is like listening to Members of Parliament during interviews. They duck and dive and dodge the questions all over the place.

Whatever they are asked, the answers are always nearly the same.

If they were to be asked what day does Christmas Day fall on? The reply would be: Well erm actually erm its about Madeleine", or, "Madeline is erm the victim", or, "The twins Shaun and Amalie erm need Madeleine".

It is very clever what they are doing, and they have never been challenged properly about their own theory of abduction.

When they are interviewed, the questions put to them are tame, to say the least, and even then the answers are always the same.

Please, please Mr Amaral, get the McCann's into Court.

Only then will the world see if they are telling the truth or not. It would be better than any lie detector test.

Ironside said...,_2008

Ironside said...

This is the latest news from Mr.T.Bennett. It seems Mr.Bennett can no longer suggest that Madeleine was not abduted without being fined. This law also applies to Mr.G.Amaral who will also be fined 600.00 Euros a day if he suggests that the parents are involved in Madeleines disappearance.

A smear campaign has also begun on the Internet with regards to the private life of G.Amaral by 'The Friends of The Mccanns'

From Mr.Bennett. This has been circulated to all forums.


This is just to report to you all that yesterday in the Queens Bench Division, Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann made an application against me, Reference 5196 of 2009, for an unspecified amount of damages for libel, though limited to 'no more than £50,000', and for an injunction restraining me from making any further libellous allegations against them.

On the basis of previous correspondence conducted via Carter-Ruck since their first e-mailed letter sent on 27 August 2009, and on the basis of a signed undertaking by myself earlier this month, the following has been agreed BY CONSENT:

1. I have given a number of undertakings as required by Carter-Ruck on behalf of the McCanns

2. The McCanns have agreed that the proceedings be 'stayed' indefinitley, that is, suspended or held in abeyance

3. I have already paid what was said to have been the Court fee of £440.00

4. The McCanns have made no other claim against me in respect of their costs.

There was no personal appearance in Court by any of the parties.