Saturday, 28 November 2009

Defamation - no action

From what we have seen so far the McCanns have done everything to suppress any suggestion that they had anything to do with the disappearance of their Daughter, Madeleine, apart,of course, from leaving her together with her siblings, unattended in the apartment whilst they went to dinner. We and many others are assuming that all the Lawyers fees they are incurring are being paid for out of their own pocket and not from the "Find Madeleine" Fund. Unless that fund is now so organised that it can be used for anything to do with the McCanns daily lives including legal action against all and sundry. It is noted that, as yet, they have not issued proceedings for Defamation. Should they ever decide to do so it will be up to them to prove that what has been said or written is not true, rather than the defence to prove that it is true. Such a case would be very interesting as they would then be the subject of very rigorous scrutiny.


Ironside said...

This is by Blogger 'Blacksmith' he always checks his facts before posting so we should all be safe to read this. For the moment that is.

Ironside said...

The Mccanns also won an Out of Court settlement with the Express and her sister newspaper The Star..The date March 23rd

I have never understood why The Express buckled. The Mccanns were still Arguidos..This was not lifted until 21st July. The Mccanns could well have been charged.

All newspapers followed each other with claims about the Mccanns .Articles can still be found from the Daily Mail. Interesting to remember also that the Mccanns did not attack Murdochs newspapers . Murdoch is a strong supporter of the Mccanns even though his newspapers carried the same stories as The Express.