Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday, 1 September 2014


Yet once again the UK Police have decided that they need to return to Portugal to interview even more so called suspects.  If they carry on this way the whole of the population of the Algarve will have been checked over and  questioned.
It is fairly apparent that they are getting absolutely nowhere with their current, and past, investigations, but for some unknown reason wish to soldier on.  Who is giving the authority for the massive and escalating costs to be incurred?   Is it still as a result of their pleas to the Prime Minster some years ago?   Had this been another little girl, without links to the Government, the case would have bern put on the back burner long ago.

Despite their very slow and painless search for the abductor, they have only paid scant regard to the forensic and circumstantial evidence, obtained during and just after the alleged abduction.  Is it not about time they went back to square one?  Deep questioning of the Parents, and their Tapas Friends.  Reinvestigating the evidence given by the Smith family and other "witnesses" who were interviewed at the time, and a thorough look at the moneymaking ventures since then, made in the name of Maddie.   And an outside audit of the use of the funds collected.

All the Private Investigators employed by the McCanns, need to be thoroughly interviewed, and any information gleaned from them put into the evidence melting pot.

There are still many questions to be answered, and the case must be brought to a conclusion.