Sunday, 12 October 2014

Time Marches On. Yawn.........

Yet more weeks have passed and still the British and Portuguese Police seem to be unable to make further progress.

The Briptish Police need to listen to Amaral and pick up from where he was forced to give up.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Monday, 1 September 2014


Yet once again the UK Police have decided that they need to return to Portugal to interview even more so called suspects.  If they carry on this way the whole of the population of the Algarve will have been checked over and  questioned.
It is fairly apparent that they are getting absolutely nowhere with their current, and past, investigations, but for some unknown reason wish to soldier on.  Who is giving the authority for the massive and escalating costs to be incurred?   Is it still as a result of their pleas to the Prime Minster some years ago?   Had this been another little girl, without links to the Government, the case would have bern put on the back burner long ago.

Despite their very slow and painless search for the abductor, they have only paid scant regard to the forensic and circumstantial evidence, obtained during and just after the alleged abduction.  Is it not about time they went back to square one?  Deep questioning of the Parents, and their Tapas Friends.  Reinvestigating the evidence given by the Smith family and other "witnesses" who were interviewed at the time, and a thorough look at the moneymaking ventures since then, made in the name of Maddie.   And an outside audit of the use of the funds collected.

All the Private Investigators employed by the McCanns, need to be thoroughly interviewed, and any information gleaned from them put into the evidence melting pot.

There are still many questions to be answered, and the case must be brought to a conclusion.

Friday, 15 August 2014


The Madeleine Abduction Mystery deepens!  Over 40 police and their helpers still working on the case and will be kept on the case for the foreseeable future, according to today's Press reports.

The Police still seem to favour a dead person as the main suspect and developed further this could lead to a very convenient (for some) solution.   It does appear that the possibility of there having been an accident in the apartment, in which Madeleine suffered a fatal injury, has been completely discarded.  The evidence, forensic and otherwise, originally associated with the case, also seems to be completely disregarded.  Obviously the Cadaver Dogs, provided by the UK Police are not worth their salt, if the evidence gathered is not used.

Whilst the McCanns may wish to live in hope of one day having their Daughter returned to them, surely it is about time the public were spared this enormous expense, the McCanns got on with their life, and we all returned to a state of relative normality.

I am again reminded of Kate's comment that she feels closest to Madeleine when she is on the Beach at Praia de Luz.  Maybe another place to consider digging?

Sunday, 13 July 2014


We now read that the Police are considering a Praia da Luz Taxi Driver as a suspect and suggest that he could have been involved in disposing of "a body", which may have been that of Madeleine McCann.

If by any slim chance he was so involved, one can consider whether the body was a result of his own crime or maybe that of another person or persons.   Is there a possibility that he was disposing of such for others, maybe for payment?   Or was it just a dead cat or dog?  The possibilities and various twists and turns this theory could lead is virtually endless.  It will, no doubt, be consigned to the rubbish heap as most leads and theories have over the last seven years.

We believe that Detective Amaral was getting to the bottom of the mystery when he was discharged from the case under the behest of the British Government.   Perhaps those who insisted on his sacking are now beginning to regret their interference in what was happening in Portugal!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


The headlines today are that, at long last, the Police are to interview "suspects" who may be concerned with the alleged abduction of Madeleine.
We hear that they are to interview 8 people!  Why 8?  Or are they just hoping that by a bit of strong arm interviewing they will manage to get one of them to submit, and actually confess to being the perpetrator of the alleged crime?   It certainly looks that way.  Surely after all the time, effort (questionable), and money thrown at this mystery, they should have narrowed their list of suspects down to one or two at the most?   Is it just a case, of once again, clutching at straws, and merely trying to justify the time being spent, probably in the full knowledge that the whitewash brush is waiting in the wings.

Goncalo Amaral is no idiot, and it is just regrettable that his theories have not been fully explored.  When is the truth going to be told as to exactly why he was removed from the case?

When is the only firm evidence of the blood stains, and the excellent work of the British search dogs to be recognised, along with the conflicting statements and lack of evidence of any intruder having entered the flat?   Maybe when the Police run out of ideas or decide they have had a long enough holiday!

Monday, 16 June 2014


There we all were, wating with baited breath for K and G McCann to have their day in Court and to provided irrefutable evidence as to how Detective Amaral's theories, as published in his book, has affected the search for their Daughter, Madeleine.  Such are these Parents who left their three young children unattended, and refused to answer questions from the Police that could have maybe brought this whole episode to a conclusion a long time ago.  An ending that could have been happier than the conclusion that many people forecast now.  Instead it just seems to be a never ending chase for compensation.  

We have read the book written by Goncales Amaral and think that it has been well written, evidence diligently analysed and a conclusion reached with which some will agree and some will not.   Only by testing the evidence in a Court of Law could Detective Amaral's theory be proved or disproved.

On another note.  There seems little news from the British Police working in Praia da Luz, apart from their apparent appreciation of Portuguese Beer, which accoding to the Press they are downing with gusto.  Are there no rules about Drinking and Digging?  The jokes about the Seven Dwarfs will no doubt follow!

Monday, 9 June 2014


The Police search in Praia da Luz has is now moving on to another site to the land around a water plant where "prime" suspect Sn Monteiro worked.  If he is or was the prime suspect should the site not have been the first to be investigated?

Of course it is very convenient to bring up this suspect, as he died in a tragic accident in 2009 !   What a nice easy closure on the case were it possible to blame it all on him!  But, of course, there is no evidence at the scene of the alleged abduction or his involvement.  It is all speculative and the subject of pure conjecture.  No evidence, no witnesses!   Not Guilty Mi Lud!

Go back to square one, get the McCanns to answer the questions put to them by the PJ when they were Arguidos!  Failure to assist in the production of evidence in the search for their Daughter is a most unusual stance to take.

Where are the rest of the Tapas crowd now?  Should they not be involved by going over past statements, or even in a reconstruction of the events of that evening.

Has everyone seen the 48 questions that Kate McCann refused to answer?   They are in the public domain and an Internet search will easily locate them.  They are very interesting and tend to indicate the way the Portuguese Police were directing their thoughts.

Thursday, 5 June 2014


It seems fairly obvious from the Police interviews and their actions, that they seriously consider that Madeleine McCann is dead.   Has this been communicated to the Parents we wonder?   Or, will they still continue to believe in her being alive with a chance of being found?

Should the Current or future searches discover the body of Madeleine it is only a remote chance that they will get any clue as to who was responsible.   Although there may be a clue as to how she met her demise, such as a bad head injury or marks indicating such as strangulation, there will be no direct link to the killer or the ones who hid the body.    However, such additional information, put alongside the original evidence gleaned by Detective Amaral's team, could lead to establishing what exactly happened and who was responsible!

There is of course one alternative.  If it is believed the child is not alive, and has suffered her demise as a result of being left unattended by the parents, perhaps they should be considered as culpable and prosecuted accordingly either in Portugal or the UK.

Or is that unfair?   What do you think?


As one can inmagine the activities of the British Police on Portuguese soil is causing interest, concern and disquiet in the Algarve.

This is a transcript of a comment on Portuguese TV which gives one reporter's take on the British presence.  From the well respected Eduardo Cintra Torres [ECT] - 

"That gentleman from the Scotland Yard (Officer Redwood) that appears there [in the video inset they are showing and debating about Redwood's visit to Algarve] - it's actually a pity that we don't have a psychologist here to make his profile, not of Maddie's or of the “assassins”, but of that Scotland Yard gentleman. I look at him and I just think: “this man just wants to appear on TV”. With so many disappearances of children in England... did he choose the Maddie case because he would appear on TV? And they went beyond, now they've come to Portugal to investigate. Why is the Portuguese police being subservient to this mockery, to this televised show off - we had aerial searches in Lagos seven years later! Aerial searches! We need to ask, what exactly is going on?! This is the utmost ridiculous thing, a show off, something just to appear on TV. And then they're going to open holes, searching for, eventually, the child's body at the 25 de Abril street? Was it for this that we had the 25 de Abril Revolution?

João Ferreira (CMTV news anchor) - The opening of the case by the British authorities was done taking into account the media coverage?

ECT - Absolutely, that police officer from the Scotland Yard in particular pursues media coverage.  I believe that is a shame for the Portuguese state to allow the mediatization of an investigation that belongs to the Portuguese and not to the English. If we tried to do the same in England, would they allow it? Obviously not.

JF - They were authorized by the Attorney General's Office...

ECT - Of course, it's the old alliance issue.

JF - Thank you, Eduardo."


Tuesday, 3 June 2014


The BBC's CRIMEWATCH Programme on Television last night spent a great amount of time on the case of a convicted killer, even though a body had never been found.  The one striking aspect of the case was the use of sniffer dogs who smelt out the presence of CADAVER giving a direct link to the suspect.   One area was the place the body had been hidden, and the other in the boot of his car.

We seem to remember, that the BRITISH sniffer dogs taken to Praia da Luz to assist in the search for Madeleine McCann, also discovered the presence of CADAVER.   First in the Holiday Apartment used by the McCanns and then in the boot of a hire car rented by them.

We thought it rather unusual that one situation led to a prosecution and the other has not, despite the similarities, no body, cadaver where a body could have been hidden, and cadaver in a means of transport that could have been used to move the body!


The reports in today's press gives details of the Police moves to dig up some land close to where Madeleine was allegedly abducted, and the virtual army of people and machinery involved.   Slightly less prominent we find that the McCanns are still progressing with their defamation case against Detective Amaral and others regarding his book and a television programme.  Compensation seems more important than cooperation.

Maybe rather than chasing compensation the Parents who, we repeat, left their young children unprotected and vulnerable whilst out dining with friends, could better spend their time assisting with the continuing search for their Daughter, and also answer the questions they refused to answer to the Portuguese Police!


What has happened to all the other lines of enquiry?  Where are the burglars, where are the ones wanted for interview?  This case needs solving quickly, or without any firm lines of enquiry, abandoning completely.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


The latest Media reports tell us that next week the Police will start a ground breaking search in various areas of Praia da Luz, bring in the resources of earth penetrating Radar and Sniffer Dogs.   More power to their elbow!

But was it not the British Sniffer Dogs who seven years ao detected blood and cadaver in the McCann's apartment and hire car?   That evidence never led to anything, possibly due to the details being surpressed and swept ynder the carpet!

What will happen this time?   Let's not all wait with baited breath.

Within the last year or so whilst over 30 UK Police have been "investigating" we have been tald of "dramatic developments" on numerous occasions, yet there has been no positive results.

Get the Tapas Group back in the viewfinder and give them a good grilling.  Get the McCanns to answer the questions they refused to answer for the Portuguese Police.  It seems that more is being done to appease the McCanns, than blame them foe leaving the children in danger in the first place!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


We see from the National Media that the British Police in the search for Madeleine McCann have decided to expand their operations in the Praia de Luz area and will be concentrating their efforts into underground searches.

We have said before that Kate McCann has always said that she feels closest to Madeleine when she is on the Beach at PdL so maybe this would be a good place to start.  Whether this feeling is just a whim on her part or a distinct feeling that could exist between Mother and child, we shall have to wait to find out.

The Police having explored virtually every possible avenue in their enquiries, maybe now realise that the one possible solution is that suggested by Detective Amaral very early in the case and as yet unexplored.  Perhaps Madeleine was not taken out of Praia de Luz, and that the answer to the "mystery" lies around the apartment and the local area.

Heigh Ho, heigh Ho - it's off to work we go . . . . . . . . .

Friday, 2 May 2014


We have now reached the ninth anniversary since the mysterious disappearance of little Madeleine McCann.

We have already seen the publicity machine in action with TV interviews and coverage in the Press; no doubt more will follow.  The facial expressions of Kate McCann are the usual sad images we are used to seeing whilst Gerry seems to still convey his rather carefree attitude and a certain remoteness to what is happening.

Kate is still blaming the lack of progress finding Madeleine on the lack of cooperation twixt the British and Portuguese Police.  Surely she must realise that any abductor is not going to hang around the scene of the crime, or even the Town or Country where the crime was committed.   She is almost oblivious to reality and shows no gratitude for the money that it being spent, or the work being done to find her child.  If she can do better let her try.

Also Mrs Kate McCann does not seem to consider that she and Gerry were the prime causation of Madeleine's disappearance!  As has been said by many people, many times, had Kate and Gerry McCann NOT left their children unattended, no harm would have come to them.  Why did they NOT use the excellent baby sitting services available to them?   What a completely irresponsible action to take.  Thank God all Doctors are not tarred with the same brush!   Would you trust them to look after your health and perform heart surgery on you?

If Madeleine was abducted, and is now part of a new family, it is fairly obvious that she would be settled and conditioned to her new environment.   If however, she is not alive, then no amount of police time or money will bring her back.  In either case maybe it is time for the McCanns to get on with their life and just remain hopeful that one day she will be found.

Friday, 25 April 2014


On 21st. July 1991, on the Greek Island of Kos a little boy of 21 months went missing.  His name was Ben Needham.  

Ben is still missing and would now be a young man of 24.   Ben never had the attention or money from the authorities, spent on the search for him, as is being lavished on the unusual disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  
Is, or has there been some influence from higher authority brought to bear in one of the cases?

Maybe it is time to re-open Ben's case and get 30 odd policemen from New Scotland Yard hot foot over to Kos, and resume the investigation into his disappearance, and return him to his family.   At least Ben was not left in a vulnerable situation by his parents whilst they partied the evening away!   Ben's family deserve a lot more help than they seem to have had, or seem to be getting.   And they certainly deserve the same time, effort and money spent, if not more, than the McCanns!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Well, once again everything has gone quiet in the Algarve, but you can bet your bottom Dollar that with Easter fast approaching the McCanns will be busy getting their pennyworth of publicity and gathering all financial donations put in their direction.

The Police seem to have come to a blank wall.  The 38 they wanted to interview along with the dead coloured man and the three burglars has come to nothing.  No doubt a good composer could make up a pretty decent ballad about the goings on.

What happened to ALL THE  ORIGINAL EVIDENCE gathered by Amaral and his Crew?
The BLOOD in the apartment.
The CADAVER in the apartment wardrobe.
The missing TENNIS BAG.
The CRY of "THEY have taken her."
The CADAVER in the CAR.
The other children who DID NOT WAKE during the hullabaloo.
The BURGLARY without anything being STOLEN.
The evidence of the SMITH FAMILY.
etc. etc. etc.

Maybe the Police should go back to square one and reinterview the whole Tapas pack.   

It is pretty obvious that Madeleine is not going to be found, and it also looks unlikely that anyone will be caught or prosecuted for any abduction.

The only ones to blame are the PARENTS FOR LEAVING THE CHILDREN UNPROTECTED AND VULNERABLE.   Maybe they should be the ones to be punished as far as the Law will allow.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Not a lot, it would seem!
Information in the media suggests the Police have still not met the Burglars, the McCanns are still upset by the slow progress, having possibly completely forgot that is was they who left the child unattended.  The Portuguese Police are apparently not being very co-operative, and an English woman now tells of her drink being spiked by a "scruffy migrant from the former Soviet Union" and an attempt to steal her young child, 30 odd miles away from Praia de Luz.

Is Maddie still alive?  We wonder!

Will the case ever be solved?  We wonder!

Friday, 14 February 2014


This is the headline in today's Express and illustrates the pathetic slow progress of this investigation.   The report of two weeks ago was telling us that ARRESTS were imminent!  For some abstract reason they seem to be chasing three POSSIBLE burglars who were making lots of mobile phone calls around the assumed time of Madeleine's alleged abduction.  We cannot see why they would do this when the place was in turmoil with everyone searching for the child and the Police arriving on the scene from all directions.  Surely they would have got well away from the place?

The whole affair, apart from costing millions of Pounds or Euros, does not appear to be making any progress or even displaying any likelihood of the case being solved in the near or distant future.

Maybe it is time for Detective Amaral to be returned and to progress with the lines of enquiry he was developing, or for the British Police to look more seriously at the conclusions he had reached.

Surely it is also about time for the McCanns to realise that there is little more that can be done to find their Daughter and to stop bleeding the Public Purse by allowing the enquiry in its present form to continue.

With the World-wide publicity this incident has generated, a reward that is equivalent to a win on the Lottery, someone somewhere would have come forward by now, if there was the least trace of finding Maddy dead or alive.    We hope it will be resolved one way or the other very soon.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Latest news is that the Met Police have travelled to Portugal to liaise with the Portuguese Police to carry out an arrest on three suspects.

Now just suppose, the three people they seek were implicated in the "crime", would they have been hanging around the Algarve just waiting to have a Police hand drop on their shoulder?  We doubt it.  Unless, of course, the people concerned are unaware that the Police are actually coming for them.  "Them" could be names that we have already heard many times, people who were definitely in the apartment on that fateful day, but consider themselves as innocent of ANY crime!  They know who they are, and probably so do others!  We just hope that the British Police get it right and that swift Justice will follow.

These are the nine main witnesses, from before, during and after the event.  We are sure they will be delighted once it is all over.

Just think on 3 May 2014, Madeleine McCann can be legally declared deceased.  What aspect will this throw on further investigations?

Friday, 17 January 2014


Concerns are mounting for Mikaeel Kular, who disappeared from his Edinburgh home on Wednesday night.
In somewhat mysterious circumstances, similar to that of Madeleine McCann, an Edinburgh toddler has gone missing from his bed in the middle of the night.   Apparently some of the child's clothing was also missing and exit was gained through a strong outer door that a young child would find it difficult to open.   The Mother and other children were apparently unaware of any intruder or movement by the toddler.
Exhaustive searches have been made in the area and a countrywide alert has been made.
The incident begs some of the same questions as the Madeleine case.  There were no signs of forced entry or any evidence to suggest an abduction, just the mysterious disappearance of a young child.  Could this be a copycat incident or just a co-incidence?
The main question in our mind is, "Will the Police and Government spend as much time, effort and cost on finding this toddler as they have, so far, on the McCann case?"  
We wait to see, and hope in the meantime that little Mikaeel will be soon found alive and well.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bring in Father Brown or Miss Marples!

Whatever is happening to these investigations?

Over past weeks, nay months, there have been so many red herrings fed to us by the Police that they must be swimming in an absolute ocean of garbage!

We have had 38 "suspects" wanted for interview, an accusation against a dead person, another about a couple of sneak thieves and now yet another ex Mark Warner employee.   And we still ain't any further on with locating Madeleine, either alive or dead.  The cost is escalating out of all proportion and all caused by parents who thought enjoying themselves with their friends was more important than the welfare and security of their young children.

Put the McCann Parents in Court for neglect and see if that will resolve the matter.

Maybe a few pertinent questioned fired at the rest of the Tapas Group would shed some light on the happenings of 3 May 2007?   They seem to have been kept out of the equation for far too long, and they should be able to add some pertinent information to the happenings of that evening.