Sunday, 25 October 2009


It is now thought that Madeleine McCann may have been the subject of a "snatch to order".

Sunday, 11 October 2009


This is a photograph of a littel girl seen in Sweden who it is suggested may be Maddie. A photographic comparison shows certain similarities in the facial characteristics which leads some to believe that it could be Maddie. Assuming that she is being seen openly in the area in which she was photographed it is, to our mind, extremely unlikely that she is the missing child.

The publicity machine continues to operate.


The Sunday Express is at it again! They are obviously without a decent cover story so have filled the front page with further revelations of the Madeleine McCann investigation.

After the last one about the alleged perpetrator being IN the apartment whilst Gerry was inspecting the children, it now seems that according to these investigative, ex-police, professionals, the person obtained entry by the use of a KEY, possibly left under the door mat! **

What utter CRAP! We have been going to the Algarve for almost 40 years and have never yet seen a door mat outside the front (or back) door of any Algarvian property. The McCanns have these so called Detectives clutching at straws in an effort to keep the investigation and publicity machines alive and remove any suspicion away from themselves, who so blatantly left their three young children alone whilst they went to enjoy themselves.

In the same issue of the paper(sic) they suggest that the British Government should supply funds to give added impetus to the investigation and go over all past evidence and seek for new clues. We are sure that there are thousands of people who would welcome this suggestion on the basis that Kate McCann first answered all the questions she so carefully refused to answer when she was confronted with them by the PJ in Portimao.
**If one thinks about it why would the McCanns need to leave a key under the door mat, even if there was one?