Sunday, 24 May 2015


It is three weeks since we last posted on the Blog, all the time expecting (not really) that some news would be forthcoming regarding the continuing search for little Madeleine McCann.  Or even news about the McCanns finding someone else to sue and help to keep Carter Ruck in business, and their own Maddie fund in a healthy financial state.

The Police, British or Portuguese, have had little to say in this intervening period and have failed to report any worthwhile activity, no more suspects, no more interviews and definitely, no more progress.  But plenty of expense for the British (and we suppose) the Portuguese Taxpayer!

What we find particularly interesting about the Madeleine case is that despite the absolute mountain of World-wide publicity there has been a total lack of "Maddie sightings" for a very long time.  This is an unusual aspect of this type of missing person enquiry, as normally one expects to get a steady flow of sightings especially at the start and during the time that active investigations are ongoing.  Why is this?   Is it because people have given up as they assume the worst case scenario or because they are just fed up with all the who-har surrounding the Parents and their attitude to the society who are trying to help.  Constantly issuing writs and suing for damages, on the back of the alleged abduction of a small child, does little to endear them to the public.

We are of the opinion that the Portuguese Police should have taken action against the McCann parents at the time they left their three children unprotected.  Perhaps then they would be more grateful for the fantastic and un-paralleled support they have been given by the Government and the other various services involved in the search.

There are still many questions left unanswered, especially those asked by the Portuguse Police of certain Arguidos shortly after the incident.  Bring back Detective Amaral and let him conclude the case he was handling so efficiently, until there was interference from higher authority.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


So at long last the Portuguese Court has made a decision regarding the Damages Claim made by the McCanns against ex Detective Goncarlo Amaral of the Portuguese Police.  All in all the sum awarded, plus interest, amounts to the massive sum of over £400,000 and for the McCanns to be satisfied Amaral, who is already on his knees financially, will have to realise the value of his assets, including his home.   The McCanns do not seem concerned about this, or the trail of claims they have put in over the years against anyone who dare say a bad word about them.  It could appear to some that they are more interested in making money from the loss of their child than actually trying to find her!

Was the case against Amaral justified?  We think not!  The assumption he made regarding Madeleine's disappearance, an alleged abduction, was based as far as we understand it on forensic and other evidence obtained from the Apartment and a hire car.   The evidence of cadaver in the parents wardrobe and in the car was obtained using trained British dogs, whose records were unquestionable.  Other forensic evidence from blood residue was examined in a British laboratory with an excellent reputation in forensic science. There was also other evidence obtained from statements and the examination of the Apartment, all of which when put together led Amaral to make the informed decision he did.  Why should a Police Officer be made to pay for a decision made in accordance with the fulfilment of his duty?  The World is mad!  Having read the book, "The Truth of the Lie", we can see nothing in it than should upset two, professional, qualified medical practitioners whose daily life was spent helping others with their problems.

Had Amaral made a different decision that resulted in locating the girl or, at least, establishing a plausible alternative to the conclusion he did, the parents would have had no reason to make such claims for damages as they did.  
Despite the grievances of the McCanns, and despite the millions of pounds thrown at the investigation, and the high profile support the family have received from the British Government, not one piece of additional evidence has been uncovered.  From the large number of claimed "suspects" who have been interviewed, no one has yet been arrested or charged. And the McCanns seem content to allow even more millions to be poured into what is becoming a fruitless search.  Is it not time for them to call a halt and let lives return to normal, but retain the hope that, one day, Madeleine will be found?

The Saga of the McCann's claim against Goncarlo Amaral will not be over for some considerable time yet, as he has publicly stated his intention to appeal, and then appeal again if necessary, up to the level of the European Court against the decision of the Lisbon Judgement.  It could take as long as 5 years, so we shall keep our interest alive.

Apparently the book, "The Truth of the Lie" has received a further ban from sale.   Not much use when many people have already bought it, second-hand copies are available on the Internet, and digital copies can be downloaded from a number of sites in English.