Friday, 25 April 2014


On 21st. July 1991, on the Greek Island of Kos a little boy of 21 months went missing.  His name was Ben Needham.  

Ben is still missing and would now be a young man of 24.   Ben never had the attention or money from the authorities, spent on the search for him, as is being lavished on the unusual disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  
Is, or has there been some influence from higher authority brought to bear in one of the cases?

Maybe it is time to re-open Ben's case and get 30 odd policemen from New Scotland Yard hot foot over to Kos, and resume the investigation into his disappearance, and return him to his family.   At least Ben was not left in a vulnerable situation by his parents whilst they partied the evening away!   Ben's family deserve a lot more help than they seem to have had, or seem to be getting.   And they certainly deserve the same time, effort and money spent, if not more, than the McCanns!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Well, once again everything has gone quiet in the Algarve, but you can bet your bottom Dollar that with Easter fast approaching the McCanns will be busy getting their pennyworth of publicity and gathering all financial donations put in their direction.

The Police seem to have come to a blank wall.  The 38 they wanted to interview along with the dead coloured man and the three burglars has come to nothing.  No doubt a good composer could make up a pretty decent ballad about the goings on.

What happened to ALL THE  ORIGINAL EVIDENCE gathered by Amaral and his Crew?
The BLOOD in the apartment.
The CADAVER in the apartment wardrobe.
The missing TENNIS BAG.
The CRY of "THEY have taken her."
The CADAVER in the CAR.
The other children who DID NOT WAKE during the hullabaloo.
The BURGLARY without anything being STOLEN.
The evidence of the SMITH FAMILY.
etc. etc. etc.

Maybe the Police should go back to square one and reinterview the whole Tapas pack.   

It is pretty obvious that Madeleine is not going to be found, and it also looks unlikely that anyone will be caught or prosecuted for any abduction.

The only ones to blame are the PARENTS FOR LEAVING THE CHILDREN UNPROTECTED AND VULNERABLE.   Maybe they should be the ones to be punished as far as the Law will allow.