Friday, 15 August 2014


The Madeleine Abduction Mystery deepens!  Over 40 police and their helpers still working on the case and will be kept on the case for the foreseeable future, according to today's Press reports.

The Police still seem to favour a dead person as the main suspect and developed further this could lead to a very convenient (for some) solution.   It does appear that the possibility of there having been an accident in the apartment, in which Madeleine suffered a fatal injury, has been completely discarded.  The evidence, forensic and otherwise, originally associated with the case, also seems to be completely disregarded.  Obviously the Cadaver Dogs, provided by the UK Police are not worth their salt, if the evidence gathered is not used.

Whilst the McCanns may wish to live in hope of one day having their Daughter returned to them, surely it is about time the public were spared this enormous expense, the McCanns got on with their life, and we all returned to a state of relative normality.

I am again reminded of Kate's comment that she feels closest to Madeleine when she is on the Beach at Praia de Luz.  Maybe another place to consider digging?