Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Latest news is that the Met Police have travelled to Portugal to liaise with the Portuguese Police to carry out an arrest on three suspects.

Now just suppose, the three people they seek were implicated in the "crime", would they have been hanging around the Algarve just waiting to have a Police hand drop on their shoulder?  We doubt it.  Unless, of course, the people concerned are unaware that the Police are actually coming for them.  "Them" could be names that we have already heard many times, people who were definitely in the apartment on that fateful day, but consider themselves as innocent of ANY crime!  They know who they are, and probably so do others!  We just hope that the British Police get it right and that swift Justice will follow.

These are the nine main witnesses, from before, during and after the event.  We are sure they will be delighted once it is all over.

Just think on 3 May 2014, Madeleine McCann can be legally declared deceased.  What aspect will this throw on further investigations?

Friday, 17 January 2014


Concerns are mounting for Mikaeel Kular, who disappeared from his Edinburgh home on Wednesday night.
In somewhat mysterious circumstances, similar to that of Madeleine McCann, an Edinburgh toddler has gone missing from his bed in the middle of the night.   Apparently some of the child's clothing was also missing and exit was gained through a strong outer door that a young child would find it difficult to open.   The Mother and other children were apparently unaware of any intruder or movement by the toddler.
Exhaustive searches have been made in the area and a countrywide alert has been made.
The incident begs some of the same questions as the Madeleine case.  There were no signs of forced entry or any evidence to suggest an abduction, just the mysterious disappearance of a young child.  Could this be a copycat incident or just a co-incidence?
The main question in our mind is, "Will the Police and Government spend as much time, effort and cost on finding this toddler as they have, so far, on the McCann case?"  
We wait to see, and hope in the meantime that little Mikaeel will be soon found alive and well.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bring in Father Brown or Miss Marples!

Whatever is happening to these investigations?

Over past weeks, nay months, there have been so many red herrings fed to us by the Police that they must be swimming in an absolute ocean of garbage!

We have had 38 "suspects" wanted for interview, an accusation against a dead person, another about a couple of sneak thieves and now yet another ex Mark Warner employee.   And we still ain't any further on with locating Madeleine, either alive or dead.  The cost is escalating out of all proportion and all caused by parents who thought enjoying themselves with their friends was more important than the welfare and security of their young children.

Put the McCann Parents in Court for neglect and see if that will resolve the matter.

Maybe a few pertinent questioned fired at the rest of the Tapas Group would shed some light on the happenings of 3 May 2007?   They seem to have been kept out of the equation for far too long, and they should be able to add some pertinent information to the happenings of that evening.