Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bring in Father Brown or Miss Marples!

Whatever is happening to these investigations?

Over past weeks, nay months, there have been so many red herrings fed to us by the Police that they must be swimming in an absolute ocean of garbage!

We have had 38 "suspects" wanted for interview, an accusation against a dead person, another about a couple of sneak thieves and now yet another ex Mark Warner employee.   And we still ain't any further on with locating Madeleine, either alive or dead.  The cost is escalating out of all proportion and all caused by parents who thought enjoying themselves with their friends was more important than the welfare and security of their young children.

Put the McCann Parents in Court for neglect and see if that will resolve the matter.

Maybe a few pertinent questioned fired at the rest of the Tapas Group would shed some light on the happenings of 3 May 2007?   They seem to have been kept out of the equation for far too long, and they should be able to add some pertinent information to the happenings of that evening.

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Anonymous said...

So true. This will be a short comment. I am speachless as to how this case has been conducted.