Friday, 8 May 2009

Madeleine was here - Channel 4 - 7/5/09

Last night, like many other people who are also intrigued with the Madeleine McCann disappearance, we watched the program on Channel 4, "Madeleine was here".

I did not find the program particularly enthralling as it seemed to have been made up of a few shots here and a few shots there. Nevertheless, very good publicity for the McCanns.

I did find one of Gerry's comments rather strange during the piece with the people updating Maddie's image. He said, "We remember the last day she was in Portugal and what she looked like." I thought this was a most peculiar statement, and it begs the question was this just a slip of the tongue or what was Maddies "last day in Portugal" in his mind? What did he actually mean by this statement?

One other thing bothered me. The "person" seen carrying a child had the child over his arms. It is normal for a small child to be carried over the shoulder - this being the most comfortable for the carrier and the carried. It is unusual for a child to be carried in the way shown, unless it was not a child. The only other thought I have is that it could possibly be a lifeless body which would be carried in such a way. If it were a lifeless body why would an abductor bother to carry it anywhere? The reverence with which it was being carried may also tend to indicate that there may have been a connection between the person and the body.

If the body were Maddie then who was the person?

As the mystery of Maddie's disappearance continues, so will the questions, and one day the final truth of the matter will emerge.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


The Parents of Madeleine McCann have once again kicked their publicity machine into action in an effort to revitalise the search for the return of their Daughter who was apparently abducted in Portugal 2 years ago.
The photograph has been updated to give an impression of what Maddie may look like now that she is 6 years old and this is being shown on new publicity material being handed out.
Maddies disappearance was certainly a mystery with no real witnesses to any abduction and the peculiar circumstances during the dinner of the parents and their friends. Questions that keep cropping up are why did the parents leave the 3 children alone, and why was Maddie the one chosen to be abducted when taking one of the twins would have been much simpler and would have been easier to conceal in the long term? Was it an opportunist abduction or something that was pre-planned? Why was so much effort put into pointing the finger at Murat, or was this just a red herring to divert attention away from other possible suspects? Sadly the initial investigations left much evidence untouched and unchecked which put the the whole solving of the case in jeapody. Later forensic evidence was unreliable and it is now obvious that the case will only be solved if Maddie is found.
We wish the McCanns well and hope that they will see a positive outcome in the near future.