Saturday, 2 May 2009


The Parents of Madeleine McCann have once again kicked their publicity machine into action in an effort to revitalise the search for the return of their Daughter who was apparently abducted in Portugal 2 years ago.
The photograph has been updated to give an impression of what Maddie may look like now that she is 6 years old and this is being shown on new publicity material being handed out.
Maddies disappearance was certainly a mystery with no real witnesses to any abduction and the peculiar circumstances during the dinner of the parents and their friends. Questions that keep cropping up are why did the parents leave the 3 children alone, and why was Maddie the one chosen to be abducted when taking one of the twins would have been much simpler and would have been easier to conceal in the long term? Was it an opportunist abduction or something that was pre-planned? Why was so much effort put into pointing the finger at Murat, or was this just a red herring to divert attention away from other possible suspects? Sadly the initial investigations left much evidence untouched and unchecked which put the the whole solving of the case in jeapody. Later forensic evidence was unreliable and it is now obvious that the case will only be solved if Maddie is found.
We wish the McCanns well and hope that they will see a positive outcome in the near future.


Councillor John Oddy said...

Far from it being my intention to point the finger but there has been abnormalities surrounding this case from the outset and, in my view, suspicion still haunts the Mc Canns. You, yourself, question their motives for leaving their children unattended, whilst a dog trained in the ability of finding bodies gave strong indications not only in the apartment but also in the Mc Canns hire car, a car that in itself raised a few questions.
A senior detective who worked on the case still points the finger of guilt in the McCann’s direction, so determined of his case he has written a book on the subject.
As you say until she, or her body is found, the truth may never be known until then this sad story will always be open to conjecture.

councillor Blog said...

I also believe that the publicity machine got under way much too quickly. In this country any abduction or hostage taking is normally kept very quiet, generally in order to lull the abductor into a false sense of security. The immediate hue and cry from the McCanns could have put the fear of God into anyone who had snatched the child and then there was only one course to choose. And maybe that is what has happened unless, of course, the McCanns hold more secrets themselves.

Clogwyn said...

As someone who has spent a lot of time in Portugal, especially the Algarve, over many years I don't think the abductor (if any) would have been a Portuguese - they love children. Also I cannot understand why the McCanns didn't use the babysitting facilities available to them when they went out to dine. I am most interested in Councillor John Oddy's thoughts on the subject and would love to read the book that the senior detective has written on the subject. What is the title of the book?

Councillor John Oddy said...

I am, by nature, suspicious and the version of events given by the McCanns and their friends was full of inconsistencies, the open window being one of them, nobody, other than the McCanns, saw it open until after the time of the purported abduction and the only fingerprints found on it were those of Kate McCann, Maddie’s Mother.
Jane Tanner, the only “witness” to the kidnapping, was so inconsistent and ambiguous that she was to be branded as not to be credible.
There were traces of Maddie’s blood found in several locations around the apartment and the trained (English) dog showed indications of a body being in Maddie’s room, in the wardrobe of the parents bedroom and in the hire car that the McCanns hired a few days later. Had someone broken-in and accidentally killed her I find plausible but to then take her body with them I find highly unlikely. That being the case then why cannot the McCanns explain the added mileage on their hire car.
The Portuguese police came under immense pressure when they named the McCanns as their main suspects and, unfortunately, they bowed to that pressure, had they been allowed to continue we do not know what they may, or may not have found out.
The Senior police officer, Inspector Goncalo Amaral, has or still is writing a book called, translated, The True of Lie.

councillor Blog said...

I do not believe that someone would break into a Holiday Apartment to steal a child. Money and valuables, Yes! A child, No!
I also believe that one person would not carry out such an abduction as someone would have had to watch for any possible return of the parents or friends whilst the snatch was in progress. The possibility of the children having been sedated is still an open question.

If the parents were so concerned about Maddie why did they leave Portugal in such a hurry when the net started closing in around them? Had the child maybe been buried by then, somewhere out in the country? And why must they continue this constant publicity when they surely should be considering getting on with their own lives. The publicity will only serve to have the abductor keep the child hidden or even decide there is no worth in keeping her.

councillor Blog said...

Have a look at this Blog, velly interlesting. . . .

councillor Blog said...

Inspector Goncalo's Book can be downloaded - Portuguese version - from:

IRONSIDE said...

The trip to Huelva has always been a mystery. Mccann was supposed to go the day before but cried off with a tummy bug.The following day was a holiday in Spain which meant all shops were closed..The Mccanns were going to distribute leaflets, an odd choice then as there would be less people.Reporters also said that they lost the Mccanns for a little over two hours..Where were they, what did they do...and why were they really there?

Ironside said...


One of the police officers who went to the McCanns' home in England, reported that a medical monitoring chart for Madeleine was posted in the kitchen. This referred to her sleep problems and made clear that she was waking several times in the night. The paternal grandfather stated that Kate gave the little girl - and also the twins - Calpol, a medication designed to facilitate falling asleep. That seems to be a common practice in Great Britain; they even talk about a "Calpol generation." In recent years, the possible presence of an antihistamine with sedative effects in Calpol has aroused great controversy. Recently, the same laboratory put Calpol Night on the market, whose ingredients clearly list that it contains an antihistamine.

The mother admits having taken some to Portugal. She insists though that there is no calming effect, its being composed solely of paracetamol, and that she did not give any of it to her daughter during the holiday. At the time of her disappearance, Madeleine was sleeping in the same room as the twins. The latter, in spite of the noise, the mother's screaming and the comings and goings, did not wake up, as if they had been given sedatives. Would there not be a link between that difficulty in falling asleep and Madeleine's tragic end?

Blogger 'Himself' The Truth of The Lie.

Ironside said...

Calpol Side Effects.

Ironside said...

An interesting article from 2005. Very different to the article of 2009.