Monday, 6 April 2015

Speculation, Speculation, Speculation

Since that day in May those few years ago, there has always been much speculation that the Parents of Madeline McCann were concerned in her disappearance.  As both the Portuguese and British Police have come to a halt in their investigations, surely it would be a good idea to also get rid of the cloud surrounding the McCanns themselves.  To satisfy the demands of the baying wolves the McCanns could take a polygraph test to give credence to their answers if it showed their innocence.  This type of test is much more relable today than it was years ago and to make the result even more conclusive, it could also be extended to all their holiday friends.  It is believed by many that only by such a properly conducted and open test will the accusations cease.

The whole saga needs bringing to a conclusion.  

This does not mean that the parents have to give up hope.   The search for Maddie has so far proved useless, the interviewing of witnesses and suspects has yielded nothing, and there is little hope of present investigations unearthing any further positive or useful information.  

If Maddie is alive somewhere, she may have her own memories that one day will come to the fore and make her ask questions or seek out her own answers as to where her life started, and guide her back to her family.