Saturday, 21 September 2013


IF ONLY Dr Gerry McCann and Dr Kate McCann had NOT left their THREE young children, unattended, unsupervised, unwatched and on their own, whilst they went out with their friends on that evening in May, little Madeleine McCann could still be enjoying life in the company of her Parents and her Siblings.

Maybe, people should remember this!

IF ONLY, IF ONLY Kate McCann would give evidence under Oath in the trial of Ex-Detective Amaral.   Is there some special reason for everyone giving evidence on her behalf when she claims to be the agrieved?

Thursday, 12 September 2013


The trial in Portugal in which the McCanns are claiming damages against Ex-detective Amaral has now started.  The claim, reported to be for £1m, has been brought against Mr Amaral for his alleged libellous comments in his book "The Truth of the Lie".
It is interesting that Kate McCann, who considers herself the most aggrieved by Amaral's comments, will not be giving evidence herself.  By keeping herself out of the witness box she will also save having to answer any questions.  As the case revolves around the disappearance of Maddie and her possible fate some questions could have been very searching.  It makes one wonder if this is why Kate McCann has decided not to testify!
We think she would have gained more support from the public had she faced Mr Amaral across the Court and given him the opportunity of defending himself against his accuser.
Like many others we are looking forward to the outcome of the hearing.

Added at later date
We are watching the accounts of the trial, and the various comments being made on the McCanns behalf in evidence. We have now read that Kate had suicidal thoughts in the past due to Maddies disappearance, but rather surprised that this has not been reported before during all the interviews and publicity there has been. Surely such evidence would be better, and carry more weight, if she took to the witness box herself? Is there possibly some reason that the McCanns do not want their evidence challenged in cross examination? WHERE DOES THE TRUTH LIE, with Amaral and the Portuguese Police or with the McCanns and the alleged abductot? We hope the waiting will be soon over, and the truth of little Maddies fate will be known.