Sunday, 21 March 2010


The Book

Madeleine McCann
by Brian Johnson

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Read it and see what conclusion you come to!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Over the last few days we have been entertained by the Press with the story of a five year old Pakistani boy from Oldham who was abducted whilst visiting his Grandmother in Pakistan.    It would seem that the parents, and the Father in particular, worked with the Police Forces involved and a happy conclusion and the arrest of the suspects resulted. A ransom of £110,000 was apparently paid to gain the release of five-year-old Sahil Saeed, but this was probably under control and observation of the Police at every stage.
This incident just goes to illustrate that if you leave it to the experts and don't interfere with your own ideas a good outcome can result.

Isn't it rather peculiar that a ransom request has never been made in respect of little Madeleine McCann?

Sunday, 14 March 2010

THE PUBLICITY MACHINE GRINDS ON and on and on. . . . .

She hasn't got time to look for the child she left in bed whilst they went out to drink and dine on that fateful evening on 3rd. May 2007.

But she has got time to pose for photographs and give interviews to the Radio, Television and Press.   This time it is a ten kilometer run and an interview with Aled Jones that we see plastered all over the place.  Not content with this the Sunday Express have also given space to that so called investigative reporter, Dolan MacIntyre, who following on from his unsuccessful hunt for Maddie now produces his "theory" as to the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence in York on 19 March last year.  As usual he is blaming the Police for the lady not yet having been found and his contribution today adds nothing whatsoever to the available information.

We see in the Sunday Express that Kate's interview with Aled Jones can be heard "on Radio 2 at 7.00 a.m. this morning" - thank goodness we were still tucked up and asleep in bed and were spared her special Mothering Sunday pleadings!  She was keen to tell the newspaper interviewer about her prayers for all and sundry especially the MEN who took Madeleine.  Why always MEN when there have been so many "sightings" of women with the child?

As usual the article in the paper is accompanied by another typically unflattering photograph which we have not reproduced.

Gerry does not get much of a mention!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Whatever happened to the Tapas Seven?   Have they abandoned the McCanns?   After receiving their £375,000 compensation from the National Press, have they given up on Maddie?  Or do they know something that we don't know?   Will they tell?

To all intents and purposes they appear to have disappeared as we now do not hear anything about them or their interest (if they have any) in the search or demise of little Madeleine.

Have the McCanns spoken to them regarding their interest in re-opening the case?  And will they participate in a reconstruction of that fateful evening without the need for "private jets" and "five star hotels"? 

It would be nice to see what their feeling are about the whole matter after almost 3 years!


With all this speculation, suing, legal actions and the rest what will Carter Ruck's and the McCann's reaction be if Madeleine McCann is ultimately found DEAD and that it can be proved she had been DEAD since long before all the legal stuff started?  

Will they apologise to Amaral and his family? 
Will they apologise to the PL?
Will they repay any legal fees or compensation awarded should they win their various claims?

Will they HELL!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Once again today's Daily Express has devoted a page of its contents to an article about 50 eagle eyed "sightings" that have allegedly been ignored by the Portuguese Police.

These "sightings" include some from Police Officers to Security Guards and, no doubt, a plethora of other "responsible" people from as far away as New Zealand.   What the reporter does not mention however, is that all the people involved with these "sightings" appear to have done sweet Fanny Adams about reporting the facts on the spot or trying to rescue the little mite! 

It is alleged by the Reporter that even a Police Officer failed to apprehend a woman who he saw with a Maddie look alike - ". . . when approached by Police the black-haired woman holding the child ran off".   Obviously either very slow Policemen or the woman was an Olympic athlete!  Or, more likely, the story has been concocted by a McCann supporter (there are some!) just to try to embarass such as the PJ.

There is no point dwelling on what has or has not happened, it is up to all to discover the truth of the case and apprehend any abductor or other person responsible for Maddie's disappearance.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Missing Madeleine star-date 2nd March 2010

We were totally amused to read the following piece in the Daily Star News web site:

 Missing Madeleine 2nd March 2010
By Jerry Lawton

POLICE have failed to investigate dozens of possible sightings of missing Madeleine McCann dating back almost two years.   Her parents claim detectives have also ignored tip-offs about possible suspects.
The case was shelved by Portuguese police in 2008.
But Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, have asked Home Secretary Alan Johnson, 59, to demand that it is reopened.
A family pal said: “It is scandalous that police seem to have just washed their hands of this case.”

Has someone forgot to tell this individual that the McCanns decided that they could do a better job than the Police, and almost from the start commenced employing their own "detectives" and "detective agencies", who have all cost a lot and achieved very little?  Presumably as funds are running low they now want to move the financial burden back on the taxpayer and give the Police another opportunity to bring the case to a conclusion. 

We just wonder what support the McCanns will give the Police in their endeavours!!!   Will they participate in a reconstruction or answer the questions put of them?   We shall see but don't hold your breath!