Sunday, 21 March 2010


The Book

Madeleine McCann
by Brian Johnson

is now available from

Read it and see what conclusion you come to!


Alison said...

I have just received my copy today, and am already about 200 pages in. It is a weighty tome, good value in terms of pages per pound, and I have already learnt some things I didn't know. I would love to see this book freely available in the UK, but in the meantime I would definitely recommend buying a copy and lending it to as many people as possible after you've read it. Would be lovely to see people on trains reading it!!
PS I am not Steve/Brian, by the way!!

Blogger said...

Maybe - just maybe - Express Newspapers will serialise it!!

IRONSIDE said...

Here is the interview in full with many thanks to Sasha..

IRONSIDE said...

Alison...the thought never crossed my mind LOL

Anonymous said...

My copy sent out on March 17th never arrived

Blogger said...

We presume that you have taken it up with the supplier.