Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Once again today's Daily Express has devoted a page of its contents to an article about 50 eagle eyed "sightings" that have allegedly been ignored by the Portuguese Police.

These "sightings" include some from Police Officers to Security Guards and, no doubt, a plethora of other "responsible" people from as far away as New Zealand.   What the reporter does not mention however, is that all the people involved with these "sightings" appear to have done sweet Fanny Adams about reporting the facts on the spot or trying to rescue the little mite! 

It is alleged by the Reporter that even a Police Officer failed to apprehend a woman who he saw with a Maddie look alike - ". . . when approached by Police the black-haired woman holding the child ran off".   Obviously either very slow Policemen or the woman was an Olympic athlete!  Or, more likely, the story has been concocted by a McCann supporter (there are some!) just to try to embarass such as the PJ.

There is no point dwelling on what has or has not happened, it is up to all to discover the truth of the case and apprehend any abductor or other person responsible for Maddie's disappearance.


IRONSIDE said...

Just when you think the Gutter Press can stoop no lower. The Mccanns must have allowed this to be printed...A child with a gun at her head...Maddy still in her pyjamas...and the Mccanns Mantra' there is no evidence that she has come to any harm'.

IRONSIDE said...

The McCanns muppet...

IRONSIDE said...

Just when you think things cannot get any worse..Reporter Keir Simmons ITV has just posted on twitter.

The Sun and other British newspapers will tomorrow print details of a 'massive surveillance operation' carried out by McCann team.

Anonymous said...

Are the McCanns planning to sue PJ for not finding their daughter..The FUND is a BUSINESS the family live from it and it is running dry.


Friday November 9,2007
By Martin Evans in Praia da Luz

THE parents of Madeleine McCann are ready to sue Portuguese police for £1million for failing to find their daughter, it was claimed last night.

Kate and Gerry McCann, who remain official suspects in the case, are considering legal action over a string of blunders which they claim hampered the search for Madeleine.

Portuguese lawyers representing the couple confirmed that they may launch legal action if the authorities decide to shelve the investigation.

Senior detectives recently admitted that the case could be placed on file as early as Christmas unless there is a significant breakthrough.

The McCanns and the only other official suspect, Robert Murat, could then have their arguido status removed and the case would be effectively archived.

At that stage the McCanns could bring a civil case against the Policia Judiciaria for damaging their reputations and failing to find their daughter.

IRONSIDE said...

The voice of reason...

Blogger said...

In the Daily Express of 4 Feb there is a report of a lady (Jean Goodwin , 56, from Widnes) who saw a little girl with a couple of women and she was 100% convinced that it was Madeleine. So convinced was she that she did not do anything except sleep on the matter. She must have forgotten that other people around would have helped her to rescue the child and they could all then have shared in the massive reward that was on offer. Despite this having been in September 2008, the paper reports that they know the name of one of the "gypsy" women but cannot reveal it "for legal reasons". What legal reason can there be to withold the name of such a strong suspect?

Smells fishy to me - or is it a case of "I want to be associated with the happening and get my name in the paper".


To add to the above, are these Newspaper Reporters thick? Or do they just appear so?

Blogger said...

Madeleine has allegedly been seen so far in, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Majorca, Belgium, Bosnia, France, Australia, Brazil, Wales, Malta, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, Iceland, Dorset and numerus other places around the World. As usual NOTHING has been done by ANYONE to attempt to rescue her. Even with that MONSTROUS REWARD on offer!

Makes us wonder if any of the sightings could be substantiated.

When on holiday in Portugal ourselves we saw any number of blonde young girls all of which some folk would possibly mistake for Madeleine. We could have wasted a lot of Police time!

Ormevixen said...

Just in case you come across them here are the e-fits of the suspects. Number 11 is probably the most likely!