Thursday, 4 March 2010


With all this speculation, suing, legal actions and the rest what will Carter Ruck's and the McCann's reaction be if Madeleine McCann is ultimately found DEAD and that it can be proved she had been DEAD since long before all the legal stuff started?  

Will they apologise to Amaral and his family? 
Will they apologise to the PL?
Will they repay any legal fees or compensation awarded should they win their various claims?

Will they HELL!


IRONSIDE said...

I think the biggest fear for the Mccanns now is FRAUD..they have taken money from school children to pay their mortgage and life style.

The fund is based on an alleged abduction . Without proof and on the say so of her parents. The FUND should be frozen .

There are now TOO many questions that needs answers.

viv said...

I think they would just say something along the lines of there you are told you it was Hewlett etc.

It would not be possible to accurately state the death occurred on 3 May 2007. They would find nothing but bones, not the contents of her stomach etc and so no seriously accurate date of death could be given.

The McCanns apologise? Even if convicted they would not do that! Gerry particularly would be telling us it is a very serious miscarriage of justice. "There is absolutely no evidence we harmed our beautiful daughter". We know his pet phrases.