Monday, 13 August 2012


If the "cream" of the British Police can't find the body of a dead child in a house that they spent hours searching, what chance has Maddie?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


So far with an army of detectives from Scotland Yard, "leads" and information from the Spanish Metodo 3, other "leads" and information from the private detectives hired by the McCann's (with all the money donated by the public), is it not about time that some positive result was in sight?

The opinion of many intelligent people is that Detective Amaral was on the right lines until he was relieved of his responsibilities, apparently due to pressure on the Portuguese from the UK.

Why don't they go back to square one and look at the evidence that was gathered in and around the apartment.  The cadaver in the bedroom closet, and in the hire car.  The blood stains.  The wild story about someone having entered through the window, without any evidence.  The tale of the "man carrying a child", the evidence from the Smith's.  There is an awful lot of work that could be done by looking back to Luz Bay!

We only hope that with all this new effort and very high cost of manpower an arrest will be made and due punishment given.

We just wonder if the UK Government will give the same support and help should another child go missing in the future!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I have been following the Madeleine McCann mystery abduction since day one.  One particular statement has constantly kept my attention.  Apparently when Kate found Maddie missing she is reported to have said:
"They've taken her."
To my mind this was a very unusual statement to make!
Who are "THEY"?   And who is "HER"?   What was Kate really saying?
Would it not be more normal to say something like, "Has anyone seen Maddie?"  "Does anyone know where Maddie is?"   "Maddie is not in her bed."    "Is Maddie with you?" .  Certainly such expressions would be more in keeping with the actual circumstances.  How is it that her mind seems to have immediately thought of an abduction?   Was this a slip of her tongue?
The statement  made by Kate, to me, implies that there was already some knowledge of what had happened.   With a reported 35  British Police now on the case, I hope for everyone's sake the whole matter can be brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Monday, 9 April 2012


We are now reading in the Press (due to the imminent anniversary of Madeline's disappearance) that despite the intervention of Scotland Yard and British Police no further progress seems to have been made on solving this "Mystery".    How many Officers and how much money is this costing us?   Will the same attention be given to every other child that goes missing in a foreign country, or even our own?

(But apparently it is now time to do a bit more fund raising.) 

I wonder if these "detectives" have read Amaral's book?  There seems to be lots of evidence in there, or at the very least something to give them some ideas!

Kate McCann has always said that she feels closest to Maddie when she is sitting by the rocks on Luz Beach - maybe there is a message there somewhere!  

Sorry the Blog has been a bit short of news but there just isn't any!