Monday, 9 April 2012


We are now reading in the Press (due to the imminent anniversary of Madeline's disappearance) that despite the intervention of Scotland Yard and British Police no further progress seems to have been made on solving this "Mystery".    How many Officers and how much money is this costing us?   Will the same attention be given to every other child that goes missing in a foreign country, or even our own?

(But apparently it is now time to do a bit more fund raising.) 

I wonder if these "detectives" have read Amaral's book?  There seems to be lots of evidence in there, or at the very least something to give them some ideas!

Kate McCann has always said that she feels closest to Maddie when she is sitting by the rocks on Luz Beach - maybe there is a message there somewhere!  

Sorry the Blog has been a bit short of news but there just isn't any!


Anonymous said...

Why so negative? We have to wait. I'm also impatient but I understand the Met have a huge lot of work to do. They have to read all of the important issues of the files and to be sure what to do about this case. And to decide what the next step will be. They will certainly decide for a reconstruction but the PJ are the ones who have to agree with
the reopening of the process. Everything will have to be ready before they reopen it.Judges in the UK will be warned that the McCanns have to go back to the Algarve, they all must be prepared to push the couple to the airport, etc,etc. The McCanns will try to escape and the Met have to watch them.
When the decision happens, everything will be already perfectly ready.

Blogger said...

So what have they been doing for the last 6+ months? Scratching their asses?