Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I have been following the Madeleine McCann mystery abduction since day one.  One particular statement has constantly kept my attention.  Apparently when Kate found Maddie missing she is reported to have said:
"They've taken her."
To my mind this was a very unusual statement to make!
Who are "THEY"?   And who is "HER"?   What was Kate really saying?
Would it not be more normal to say something like, "Has anyone seen Maddie?"  "Does anyone know where Maddie is?"   "Maddie is not in her bed."    "Is Maddie with you?" .  Certainly such expressions would be more in keeping with the actual circumstances.  How is it that her mind seems to have immediately thought of an abduction?   Was this a slip of her tongue?
The statement  made by Kate, to me, implies that there was already some knowledge of what had happened.   With a reported 35  British Police now on the case, I hope for everyone's sake the whole matter can be brought to a satisfactory conclusion.


Anonymous said...

I think this is very unfair! As a parent of a child who decided he would go into a friends house without letting me know and consequently was 'missing' for a short while, the very first thing that crossed my mind was that someone had taken him. It is every parents worst nightmare. The fear and stress I experienced then was like nothing I had experienced before, and what came out my mouth probably made no sense at all because I couldn't think straight!

Blogger said...

I appreciate your thoughts on the matter, and respect them. I have merely given my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

But, anon, you're comparing two very different kinds of scenarios.

Of course when a child goes missing in daytime, while a back is turned, we may fear the worst.

But to return from a bar and cry out quite specifically 'they've taken her', when a child is discovered missing from a holiday apartment really needs some explaining. The statement contains no logic at all!

Then to lie about shutters being 'jemmied' 'forced' aetc and that the apartment was closed, when it was open?

Blimey, if it were me in the McCann's shoes, I'd be well and trully banged up!