Sunday, 23 February 2014


Not a lot, it would seem!
Information in the media suggests the Police have still not met the Burglars, the McCanns are still upset by the slow progress, having possibly completely forgot that is was they who left the child unattended.  The Portuguese Police are apparently not being very co-operative, and an English woman now tells of her drink being spiked by a "scruffy migrant from the former Soviet Union" and an attempt to steal her young child, 30 odd miles away from Praia de Luz.

Is Maddie still alive?  We wonder!

Will the case ever be solved?  We wonder!

Friday, 14 February 2014


This is the headline in today's Express and illustrates the pathetic slow progress of this investigation.   The report of two weeks ago was telling us that ARRESTS were imminent!  For some abstract reason they seem to be chasing three POSSIBLE burglars who were making lots of mobile phone calls around the assumed time of Madeleine's alleged abduction.  We cannot see why they would do this when the place was in turmoil with everyone searching for the child and the Police arriving on the scene from all directions.  Surely they would have got well away from the place?

The whole affair, apart from costing millions of Pounds or Euros, does not appear to be making any progress or even displaying any likelihood of the case being solved in the near or distant future.

Maybe it is time for Detective Amaral to be returned and to progress with the lines of enquiry he was developing, or for the British Police to look more seriously at the conclusions he had reached.

Surely it is also about time for the McCanns to realise that there is little more that can be done to find their Daughter and to stop bleeding the Public Purse by allowing the enquiry in its present form to continue.

With the World-wide publicity this incident has generated, a reward that is equivalent to a win on the Lottery, someone somewhere would have come forward by now, if there was the least trace of finding Maddy dead or alive.    We hope it will be resolved one way or the other very soon.