Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Missing Madeleine star-date 2nd March 2010

We were totally amused to read the following piece in the Daily Star News web site:

 Missing Madeleine 2nd March 2010
By Jerry Lawton

POLICE have failed to investigate dozens of possible sightings of missing Madeleine McCann dating back almost two years.   Her parents claim detectives have also ignored tip-offs about possible suspects.
The case was shelved by Portuguese police in 2008.
But Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, have asked Home Secretary Alan Johnson, 59, to demand that it is reopened.
A family pal said: “It is scandalous that police seem to have just washed their hands of this case.”

Has someone forgot to tell this individual that the McCanns decided that they could do a better job than the Police, and almost from the start commenced employing their own "detectives" and "detective agencies", who have all cost a lot and achieved very little?  Presumably as funds are running low they now want to move the financial burden back on the taxpayer and give the Police another opportunity to bring the case to a conclusion. 

We just wonder what support the McCanns will give the Police in their endeavours!!!   Will they participate in a reconstruction or answer the questions put of them?   We shall see but don't hold your breath!

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