Thursday, 4 March 2010


Whatever happened to the Tapas Seven?   Have they abandoned the McCanns?   After receiving their £375,000 compensation from the National Press, have they given up on Maddie?  Or do they know something that we don't know?   Will they tell?

To all intents and purposes they appear to have disappeared as we now do not hear anything about them or their interest (if they have any) in the search or demise of little Madeleine.

Have the McCanns spoken to them regarding their interest in re-opening the case?  And will they participate in a reconstruction of that fateful evening without the need for "private jets" and "five star hotels"? 

It would be nice to see what their feeling are about the whole matter after almost 3 years!


IRONSIDE said...

Russell O'Brian the only one who did not turn up at Court. Does O'Brian have a sense of shame? We will never know they are all too well protected.

IRONSIDE said...

List of abuse toward Amaral from Clarence Mitchell and the British press.

IRONSIDE said...

Kate Mccann 'Mother of the Year' guest to talk on 'Mothering Sunday'

IRONSIDE said...

Watch the Mccanns scratch and itch when asked if they think Maddie is dead.

IRONSIDE said...

Profile on Dr.Amaral

Blogger said...

Kate Mccann 'Mother of the Year' guest!

Also contains the covers of a few new Paperbacks by the look of it.

viv said...

That money actually went towards the Find Maddie Fund, also known as the Defence Fighting Fund, I think the rest of the TAPAS group would have a very keen interest in seeing that is well topped up!

I also think any defence lawyer would tell them to keep their mouths closed and their heads down and they are heeding that advice.

The McCanns on the other hand have no choice but to keep up with the charade they started, looking for the daughter they got rid of. As Gerry says he takes comfort from Maddie being a paedophile hellhole for countless years. Always a bit too much emphasis on paedophiles, I think Gerry and their thinking style too, we do them no hard, the kids love it/asked for it.

It does not benefit them much because the more they carry on, the more they expose themselves, but being seen as innocent is important to these two, although I think they lost their dreams of becoming multi millionaires and getting the Parents of the Year Award. How realistic of them.