Saturday, 9 August 2008


I am a bank guard and on the CCTV I see Madeleine McCann so I just sit there and do sweet FA!
Now if it had been a Bank Robber or someone attacking a little old lady I would have donned my Bank Guard's hat and sprung into action! But as it was I have just become another has "seen".
Such is the background to the story in the headlines today!
We are constantly amazed by the reactions of all those people who are "certain" that they have seen little Maddie in places all over the World but who just sit on the sidelines, do nothing, and then report the matter to the police at some later time. Surely one of these people must have the gumption to shout, grab the girl, lash out at the "abductors" and at least do something to try and resolve the situation. Unless the other person were the guilty party no-one should object to being approached, particularly as the whole sorry affair has had World Wide publicity.
A few shopkeepers in the Llandudno area have been asked what they would do if a person entered their shop with a child they thought was Maddie, and the general reply was that they would certainly take some positive action. Perhaps if others had done the same then, by now, the whole Maddie saga could well have been closed.
It is, however, unfortunate that there are thousands of little girls who could be mistaken for Madeleine and the sightings will no doubt continue for many months to come. Perhaps one of these "sightings" will remind the observer that there is still a massive reward and prompt some serious action.


Jill Havern said...

It's a little dangerous to 'grab the girl' or lash out at her 'abductor' because:

1. Maddie is dead, according to Eddie and Keela, and the grabbed girl would not, therefore, be Maddie and would be unnecessarily traumatised by the ordeal.

2. The 'abductor' being an innocent person would probably kick the shyte out of anyone trying to grab his daughter.

Far better for the McCanns to just tell the truth so that all little blonde girls are safe from the McCanns bogeyman as their fairystory could go on for many years unless they're stopped.

And if, by any remote chance, Eddie and Keela were wrong and the McCanns are innocent, then surely they would have cooperated with the police instead of allowing the case to be shelved.

Their actions suggest they know Eddie and Keela were right and that there is no 'abductor', yet they are content to put all little blonde children at risk from the scenario you describe about any Maddie look-a-like being grabbed and traumatised.

IRONSIDE said...

Hi JKH, Nice to see you posting here. We both agree that madeleine sadly is no longer with us. It is the Mccanns call , they can go to PJ anytime and ask for the case to be reopened. Instead they spend their time trying to shut up bloggers. With every step they take they look more and more as though they are hiding something.