Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Latest news is that the Met Police have travelled to Portugal to liaise with the Portuguese Police to carry out an arrest on three suspects.

Now just suppose, the three people they seek were implicated in the "crime", would they have been hanging around the Algarve just waiting to have a Police hand drop on their shoulder?  We doubt it.  Unless, of course, the people concerned are unaware that the Police are actually coming for them.  "Them" could be names that we have already heard many times, people who were definitely in the apartment on that fateful day, but consider themselves as innocent of ANY crime!  They know who they are, and probably so do others!  We just hope that the British Police get it right and that swift Justice will follow.

These are the nine main witnesses, from before, during and after the event.  We are sure they will be delighted once it is all over.

Just think on 3 May 2014, Madeleine McCann can be legally declared deceased.  What aspect will this throw on further investigations?

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