Sunday, 13 July 2014


We now read that the Police are considering a Praia da Luz Taxi Driver as a suspect and suggest that he could have been involved in disposing of "a body", which may have been that of Madeleine McCann.

If by any slim chance he was so involved, one can consider whether the body was a result of his own crime or maybe that of another person or persons.   Is there a possibility that he was disposing of such for others, maybe for payment?   Or was it just a dead cat or dog?  The possibilities and various twists and turns this theory could lead is virtually endless.  It will, no doubt, be consigned to the rubbish heap as most leads and theories have over the last seven years.

We believe that Detective Amaral was getting to the bottom of the mystery when he was discharged from the case under the behest of the British Government.   Perhaps those who insisted on his sacking are now beginning to regret their interference in what was happening in Portugal!

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