Tuesday, 1 July 2014


The headlines today are that, at long last, the Police are to interview "suspects" who may be concerned with the alleged abduction of Madeleine.
We hear that they are to interview 8 people!  Why 8?  Or are they just hoping that by a bit of strong arm interviewing they will manage to get one of them to submit, and actually confess to being the perpetrator of the alleged crime?   It certainly looks that way.  Surely after all the time, effort (questionable), and money thrown at this mystery, they should have narrowed their list of suspects down to one or two at the most?   Is it just a case, of once again, clutching at straws, and merely trying to justify the time being spent, probably in the full knowledge that the whitewash brush is waiting in the wings.

Goncalo Amaral is no idiot, and it is just regrettable that his theories have not been fully explored.  When is the truth going to be told as to exactly why he was removed from the case?

When is the only firm evidence of the blood stains, and the excellent work of the British search dogs to be recognised, along with the conflicting statements and lack of evidence of any intruder having entered the flat?   Maybe when the Police run out of ideas or decide they have had a long enough holiday!

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