Thursday, 29 May 2014


The latest Media reports tell us that next week the Police will start a ground breaking search in various areas of Praia da Luz, bring in the resources of earth penetrating Radar and Sniffer Dogs.   More power to their elbow!

But was it not the British Sniffer Dogs who seven years ao detected blood and cadaver in the McCann's apartment and hire car?   That evidence never led to anything, possibly due to the details being surpressed and swept ynder the carpet!

What will happen this time?   Let's not all wait with baited breath.

Within the last year or so whilst over 30 UK Police have been "investigating" we have been tald of "dramatic developments" on numerous occasions, yet there has been no positive results.

Get the Tapas Group back in the viewfinder and give them a good grilling.  Get the McCanns to answer the questions they refused to answer for the Portuguese Police.  It seems that more is being done to appease the McCanns, than blame them foe leaving the children in danger in the first place!

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