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This is the latest (very expensive?) web site to be launched in the "Find Maddie" campaign. It is worth a look.

Kate McCann is also coming out of her shell and will be having a week of interviews on various Television Channels.


Ironside said...

I thought you may be interested to see the very first interview that the Mccanns made with the BBC..Madeliene had been missing just over twenty days.

Ironside said...

Kate Mccann on Panorama explaining the abduction of Madeleine.

councillor Blog said...

The very beginning is interesting as when Kate is asked if she considered that Maddie may have just got out of bed and wandered off she immediately went for the abduction scenario! Why? Did she know the child was maybe sedated to keep her asleep or that something had happened previous to the alleged "discovery" that she had gone?

Someone knows the truth - it is about time they spilled it out, whoever they are!

Ironside said...

Good afternoon Councillor the early days the Mccanns always fell back on"We cannot tell you how we know she was taken because of the Investigation"..They have to this day not told us how they know she was taken.
Madeleine was known to have a sleep problem . This is common knowledge, there were stars stuck on their fridge at home for the nights she stayed in her bed.
I think the Mccanns were shocked when they realised that once the arguido status was lifted their statements would be open to the public and the press.
I always found it odd after reading Mrs.fenns statement that Dr.Mccann would say the police had been called and that a small child had been abducted...The police at that time had not been called and the small child was his daughter...
Mrs.fenn heard kate screaming over and over again..."We have let her down"...What did Kate Mccann mean...she was not screaming that Madeleine had been abducted.

Mercedes said...

I would like to say that Goncalo Amaral has never accused the Mccanns of harming their daughter. He thinks there was a terrible accident in the apartment. It is the cover up of that accident that he is convinced took place. We only all wish for justice and the truth about what happened to Madeleine Beth Mccann aged 3.

Ironside said...

Update on how Madeleine looks...Police it seems believe her 'abductor' has darkened her hair and she now ,due to weather elements has a 'swarthy' skin.

Ironside said...

Some interesting information on 'Coloboma' The defect Madeleine had in her right eye. I could never understand why the Mccanns went against the wishes of PJ and disclosed this fact..The police told the Mccanns this could sign her death warrant...they went ahead anyhow.

councillor Blog said...

To my mind having followed this case since the start it appears that the McCanns think they know how to solve the riddle more than the JP or UK Police. If they had let the Portuguese Police get on with the case instead of causing the hue and cry they did, it could all have been over months ago. All the time they have kept on with their relentless chase after publicity, which appears to be more for themselves that the missing child.

One day the truth will out.

Ironside said...

A minute for Madeleine...

Ironside said...

The Mccanns have not helped PJ in anyway. Kate refused to answer questions. They all refused to go back for the reconstruction, even when the case was under another. Det.Rebelo.

For me the most heartbreaking of all is that they compare their case to Jaycee. Jaycee was taken from the street not her bed...Jaycee was 11 years old when she was first assaulted. Madeleine was 3 years old when this 'alleged' abduction took place.
How can any mother be pleased as Kate states she is, how can any mother be happy that the thought of her daughter would be going through what happened to Jaycee...
Of course Jane Tanner has changed her mind many times about the 'abductor' she saw. What the British Public do not know is that Jane Tanner has changed her mind that she saw anything suspicious that night...they do not know this because the British Press have not reported it in their newspapers.
The only sighting then leaves the sighting of Mr Martin Smith. Mr.Smith was due in PDL the following week to make a statement...The week that the Mccanns fled back to England after being made Arguidos. Mr.Martin Smith said he is 80% sure that it was Gerald Mccann he saw that night walking the street with Madeleine in his arms. Her head resting on his left shoulder.

Ironside said...

Joana has put together todays Videos...

Ironside said...

This is unforgiveable to use the twins..But then they did leave them alone to go drinking.Nothing has changed the Mccanns will never learn.

Ironside said...

Jim Gamble...CEOP

Ironside said...


Ms Felgueiras said afterwards: "It is two-and-a-half years after Madeleine disappeared and this was the first time they talked to us in a big interview since the files were closed. I think I should feel free and they should feel free to talk about it. It would be the only chance to clear up the rumours."

But Mr McCann insisted that: "The place to have those discussions is in the judicial and legal environment where they can be properly assessed and dealt with within the bounds of the law.

"That's the approach that we've taken, and clearly we're very pleased that the Portuguese judiciary have agreed that there is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine is dead or that we were involved, and that's why injunctions have been given.

"If people accept that, then they will accept that Madeleine is missing and can still be found."

Earlier Gerry McCann told how the couple's four-year-old twins have started saying they want to find and fight the person who took their missing sister. Sean and Amelie were just two when Madeleine vanished.

But their parents have discussed the fact that their big sister is missing with them and they are now fiercely protective of her.

The McCanns were speaking as police released a video showing how Madeleine might look now, in a bid to prick the conscience of anyone who knows what became of her.

The 60-second video, released in seven languages, features film footage of Madeleine and digitally enhanced photos of what she might look like now with shoulder-length blonde hair, as well as one with a tan and dark hair.

The clip, produced with the aid of psychologists, can be viewed at

"This message is aimed at prompting the conscience of an individual who is keeping a secret," said Jim Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Mr McCann hailed the global online appeal as "a world first".

"We're optimistic that this message will get to them, it will cause them to wrestle with their conscience," he said.

in Irish Independent

Translation of the extract of the newspaper article published in Sol, on June 30, 2007, titled 'Madeleine Case: Pact of Silence': «Gerry and Kate’s friends, who are interrogated tightly by the PJ over almost a month, refuse to clarify this contradiction, when asked by Sol. “We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else’s business”, says David Payne, another element with the group. Minutes after we tried to contact Kate, Gerry, in a fury, calls the Sol journalist: “What do you think you are doing? Do you think you’re better than the Portuguese police? I’m going to forward your contact to PJ and you will have to explain yourselves”.»


There is also a video with this link worth seeing...Sandra asks kate about the book...

You know the link by now...Have a good day.

Ironside said...

McCanns: ‘No pact of silence’
4 November 2009 | Posted by Joana Morais

Madeleine McCann's parents deny 'pact of silence' accusation

Portuguese journalist raises old allegations

GERRY and Kate McCann’s latest appeal for help over their missing daughter Maddie (inset) was overshadowed yesterday by some tough questions from a Portuguese journalist. The 41-year-olds were asked about allegations made in a book by Goncalo Amaral, the detective formally in charge of the case. The pair from Rothley, Leicestershire, denied there was a pact of silence over what happened in Praia d Luz in May 2007. Mr McCann said later: ‘The place to have those discussions is in the judicial and legal environment.’

in Metro, paper edition

Full interview by Sandra Felgueiras next Thursday on RTP1 - Especial Informação

Emotional McCanns deny 'pact of silence' on Maddy

By Paul Burnett

Kate and Gerry McCann were grilled yesterday for the first time about allegations they could have been involved in their daughter's disappearance.

Portuguese police had previously named the couple as "arguidos", or formal suspects, in the case in September 2007.

But the McCanns, both 41, have always strenuously insisted they are innocent, and their suspect status was lifted when the authorities in Portugal shelved the case in July last year.

However, last night Sandra Felgueiras, a reporter for Portuguese TV station RTP, questioned the McCanns about claims made in a book by Goncalo Amaral, the former detective in charge of the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance.

The couple took legal action against Mr Amaral and in September Lisbon's main civil court banned further sale or publication of his book.

The McCanns were visibly frustrated by the course of the RTP interview, which included questions about the findings of sniffer dogs brought in to search their apartment in Praia da Luz and whether they had close links to the British government.

Ms Felgueiras quizzed them on claims there was a "pact of silence" between the couple and friends on holiday with them when Madeleine disappeared.

Mr McCann explained that there was no pact, but they had all refused to talk to the media about what happened that night in line with Portugal's strict judicial secrecy laws.

The journalist also asked if they felt they were victims of the Portuguese investigation, to which Mr McCann replied: "The victim is Madeleine."

Ironside said...

Good evening Councillor Blog....thought you may find reading Gerry's Blog interesting.

Check pages 100 to 150

councillor Blog said...

Link did not work correctly so I edited comment slightly.

councillor Blog said...

I find it rather strange that in the latest publicity shots Madeleine is ONLY shown with LONG hair. It could well be that she could have SHORT hair or it could have been CURLED or in RINGLETS.

Were the enhanced images really as useful as they could have been? Or just another piece of cleverly engineered publicity to help in swelling he coffers of the Maddie Fund?

One of these days we may even see the McCanns smile which would make them, at least, appear more human!

Ironside said...

This is interesting, just browsing through witness statements..In the beginning the family members said that Mccann and Kate had phoned family and friends to say that the shutter had been jemmied,smashed. Police later stated there was no sign of a break-in..

This statement is from a staff member of Ocean Club...he explains that one of the shutters in apartment 5a had a problem...the bedroom though is not where the children slept but where the Mccanns slept. I wonder if this is where they got the idea from about a broken shutter..only problem being wrong room...


Processos Vol III

Pages 532 – 534

Witness Statement

Mario Domingos Moreira

Date: 2007-05-08

Occupation: Handyman

Place of Work: OC

He has worked at the OC for about 20 years and currently works in the Maintenance Department, he carries out repairs inside the apartments.

He works from 09.00 to 18.00 with a break for lunch at 13.00. He has Sundays and Mondays off.

When asked about the events being investigated he says that he only saw the girl’s mother once. This happened during the exercise of his functions, and after instruction from his superiors he went to apartment 5 A.

His services had been requested because the shutters in the bedroom at the back of the apartment, facing the Tapas restaurant were damaged and with the aim of providing the mother with instructions regarding the operation of the washing machine. When asked, he said that the damage to the blinds was centred on the pull-handle, limiting their opening. He says that this kind of damage is quite frequent, given the fact of the need for some initial force to raise the shutter, sometimes associated with a lack of knowledge of the mechanism on the part of some of the tourists, who keep applying force, contrary to what is required, and which results in the violent destruction of the respective handles.

When questioned, he says that he never works alone, he is always part of a team of two. The other individual is his colleague, Luis Ferro, who accompanied him in the execution of the repairs mentioned above.

When asked, he says that he did not notice anything strange in the previous days, either in the apartments he entered or in the surrounding areas that could be connected to the disappearance.

He was at home at the time of the events.

Reads, ratifies, signs.

Ironside said...

McCanns "avoid" RTP questions
5 November 2009 | Posted by astro Leave a Comment
In the interview that will be aired today after Telejornal (RTP1), Maddie’s parents fail to explain who continues to finance the searches for the child

by Maria Francisca Seabra

The McCanns appeared “visibly frustrated” over the interview that was done by journalist Sandra Felgueiras, on Tuesday, in London, which will be broadcast today during a Special Information on RTP1. Such is the conclusion of an Irish newspaper that justifies Maddie’s parents’ frustration with the fact that Sandra Felgueiras mentioned the issue of cadaver odour that was detected by dogs in the Praia da Luz apartment, in the Algarve.

“The McCanns immediately replied that the dogs are not reliable, just as they escaped a series of other, more difficult questions” the journalist, who has been following the case since the disappearance of Madeleine in May 2007, tells Sol.

During the interview, which will be aired after Telejornal, there was an attempt to understand the reason behind the couple’s criticism over the performance of former Polícia Judiciária inspector Gonçalo Amaral, which was continued by Paulo Rebelo, a coordinator of the PJ in Portimão.

According to the British edition of free newspaper Metro, “the latest appeal from Gerry and Kate was stifled by some hard questions by the Portuguese journalist”. Felgueiras defends herself, saying that this was the McCanns’ first interview to a Portuguese television channel, since they lost their arguido status, and therefore “many questions had to be asked”.

Some of the answers remained missing: “They avoided replying when I asked them if Richard Branson and J. K. Rowling continued to finance the searches, but stressed that there are many people who still help them on an individual basis”.

source: Sol, 05.11.2009

Ironside said...

Interview in Full with Portuguese Reporter...Sandra Felogueiras.

A couple of points..Mccann 'There is NO evidence to support our Involvement'

Would not discuss the cadaver dogs...when pressed by Sandra he said in his 'Cocky way' Ask the dogs...Sandra pushes further 'No Gerry I am asking you'..Mcann "the dogs are unreliable"

Sandra "Unreliable"

()Eddie and Keela the best British Dogs we have, trained by Martin Grimes ,have been on over 200 cases and have never been wrong.)

The Mccanns talk about the Directors of the fund...they do not mention that the Mccanns themselves are now the head of the FUND:

Sandras accent makes it sometimes diffucult to understand her questions. I will try and do a full translation for your readers later today.

Ironside said...

After Gerrys 'Little joke' this morning I thought it would be interesting to read how Cadaver Dogs are trained and how they react to body odours.

Remember the dogs did not pick up on just one place in the Mccanns case but several ,including clothing. The dogs dig not pick up anything on Murat or the rest of the group. Only my opinion but I think someone told PJ to check the car...

Anonymous said...

Kate and Gerry McCann send to US for help against evidence of sniffer dogs

September 17, 2007

The parents of Madeleine McCann have contacted the lawyers of a man charged with murder who successfully challenged sniffer dog evidence. His lawyers claimed it was unreliable and persuaded a judge in the US to throw out prosecution claims that the dogs had detected the smell of a corpse.

Kate and Gerry McCann hope that the case could help them to prove their own innocence.

Two British sniffer dogs, one capable of detecting blood and human remains, were taken to Portugal in early August to help in the investigation. The dog picked up a “scent of death” on numerous items, including Mrs McCann’s clothes and her daughter’s favourite soft toy.

During police interviews the McCanns, both 39, were repeatedly shown a video of the animal “going crazy” when it approached their hired Renault Scenic car.

Mrs McCann could not explain it, but the scent of bodies remains detectable to the springer spaniel “cadaver dogs” for years and her legal team concluded that the scent could have come from her contact with corpses during her work as a doctor.

Portuguese police believe that the couple may have killed their child accidentally and then disposed of the body using a car they hired 25 days later. Although the McCanns do not know the full details of the Portuguese prosecutor’s case against them, they are concerned that it may rest on the dog’s reaction.

Now their lawyers have requested the case files from the ongoing murder trial of Eugene Zapata in Madison, Wisconsin. His estranged wife, Jeanette, a 37-year-old flight instructor, vanished in October 1976 after taking her children to school. Her body has never been found. more

And should you read that, then you may wish to read below, and guess what? the dogs were right all along.

MADISON, Wis. -- Eugene Zapata entered a guilty plea on Monday to a reduced charge of homicide by reckless conduct in connection to his wife's disappearance 30 years ago and was sentenced to time behind bars.........

Zapata said that he wrapped her body in a tent and drove it to an area near Highway 151 and Reiner Road, where he hid it in some underbrush. He transferred her remains a short time later to some Juneau County land that he owed. There, he buried her body -- which remained there for 24 years -- before moving her remains to a Sun Prairie storage locker, where it was eventually cut into pieces and later disposed of at a Mauston landfill. He moved the body from the Juneau County because he planned to sell the land...more

This below was tucked away in my dog archive, probably as a reminder for me to ask if anybody has ever seen a direct quote attributable to Kate McCann, as opposed to third party as we see here.

Perhaps you might let me know if you can shed light on the matter, because if it is directly attributable to madam it's not trivial, not by a long way.


Kate McCann didn't negate the fact that her two pieces of clothes and the stuffed animal had been signaled by the English dogs trained to find cadaver odor and justified it by her profession. Madeleine's mother alleged that as a doctor at the Leicester health centre, she was present at six deaths directly before she came to Portugal on holiday, giving the same excuse for Madeleine's stuffed animal, that was with her in the months after her daughter disappeared.

Ironside said...


This below was tucked away in my dog archive, probably as a reminder for me to ask if anybody has ever seen a direct quote attributable to Kate McCann, as opposed to third party as we see here.

Perhaps you might let me know if you can shed light on the matter, because if it is directly attributable to madam it's not trivial, not by a long way.


Kate McCann didn't negate the fact that her two pieces of clothes and the stuffed animal had been signaled by the English dogs trained to find cadaver odor and justified it by her profession. Madeleine's mother alleged that as a doctor at the Leicester health centre, she was present at six deaths directly before she came to Portugal on holiday, giving the same excuse for Madeleine's stuffed animal, that was with her in the months after her daughter disappeared.

Ironside said...

It would say only that if credible information comes in by fax, letter or email, it would be passed to senior officers if it was deemed “significant”.

There were also reservations last night about Leicestershire Police, who are aiding the ­investigation from this country ­because the McCanns live in their catchment area, at Rothley.

Last night former Scotland Yard chief Dai Davies said it was time to let the Yard take over.

The former royal protection head said: “Madeleine is a ­British subject and she deserves the best, which the Yard can provide. It is time to put any daft police protocols to one side and get on with the job of finding her. It is a solvable case.

“It is astonishing and disgraceful that the Portuguese have not assigned a specific team to scrutinise leads which could provide a breakthrough in the world’s biggest child abduction case.

“It is frankly outrageous that the parents of this poor child should be hiring private detectives to conduct an investigation which should have been taken on by the Yard in the first place.

“The Yard has a kidnap squad with a brilliant success record, and access to the best Holmes computer technology, forensics and investigative techniques in the world.”

Holmes, which stands for Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, is a state-of-the-art data system designed to deal with the huge volume of information major crimes ­generate.

Sources claimed last night that Leicestershire detectives have not been inputting all their information on Holmes.

Police forces across Britain have cracked scores of tough cases using the system because it can be programmed to ­highlight suspects and analyse the value of myriad leads.

No one was available at ­Leicestershire Police yesterday to confirm or deny the claims.

On Tuesday, Kate and Gerry, both doctors aged 41, made new television appeals via the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

They urged: “Please take a minute and help us bring Madeleine home. Let’s hope and pray this message reaches those who know who took Madeleine and they find the strength to do the right thing.”

On Friday, a Leicestershire ­Police spokesman said any new i­nformation from the CEOPC ­initiative would be passed on to the Portuguese who would consider credible lines of inquiry.

Requests from the Portuguese to carry out new inquiries in the UK would be co-ordinated by Leicestershire Police.

New images of Madeleine, who would now be six, were shown in a video in English, Arabic, ­Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

One showed how she might ­appear if her skin had darkened and her hair had been dyed brown to make her look like­ ­other children if she is being held in Morocco or Tunisia.

Another time-generated image showed how she might look now with her natural blonde colouring if she is being kept in ­Northern Europe.

While Kate and Gerry McCann believe Leicestershire detectives have worked hard, they feel ­Scotland Yard’s experts on ­kidnap, forensics and offender profiling could bring much ­needed impetus to the inquiry.

Madeleine vanished, aged three, from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3 2007.

source: Sunday Express, 8.11.2009

Ironside said...

Yard asked to reopen Maddie case
8 November 2009 | Posted by astro Leave a Comment
By James Murray, Investigations Editor

SCOTLAND YARD should be brought in to take ­control of the investigation to discover what ­happened to Madeleine McCann.

Kate and Gerry McCann want the Yard’s ­renowned kidnap team to assess an avalanche of new information after last week’s emotional internet appeal, which ­generated five million hits from around the world.

Portuguese ­police, the Sunday Express can reveal, have failed to set up a new phone line for callers to ring with information.

Last night there was fury over the dismissive response. Interpol and Europol are among 163 ­forces worldwide that have committed to help with the appeal.

Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria is still ­in charge of the Madeleine case because that is where she disappeared over two years ago.

Ironside said...

This is I would imagine the last thing the Mccanns would want. There is something strange going on with the LC,,It was this Police dept .that held back the statement given to them by Dr.Katherine Gaspar about David Payne and Gerry Mccann. This information may have been vital with regards to David Payne about madeleine in the Investigation. LC waited four months before turning this over to PJ. Why?...If the PJ had this information at the time they would have been able to question Payne in more depth instead LC made sure this could not happen. Payne stayed on in PDL with the Mccanns it was only after he was back in England that PJ knew of this statement and the fears of Dr.Gaspar. David Payne did not return to PDL with Mccann when he re enacted his own version of what happened that night.

LJC said...

What I find strange is that the McCann's were rubbishing the dogs and the Portuguese Police even before they were made official suspects, or arguidos.

If they genuinely believed their daughter had been snatched and if they were genuinely innocent themselves of any wrong doing, why would they need to try to discredit the Portuguese Police?

Surely any parent in the same circumstances, if innocent, would be aghast at the dog's findings and would then start to accept that their daughter is dead.

However, the McCann's were arrogant about it even then and consistently said the dogs were unreliable.

What were they afraid of?