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Today's Press report that the services of Scotland Yard and Britains top abduction squad are being asked to get involved with the Madeleine McCann (alleged) abduction case. Perhaps if the McCanns had not been so keen to criticise the Portuguese Police and decide on their own course of action we may have seen the case solved and an arrest made long ago, in fact within days or weeks of the alleged offence. We have read The Truth of the Lie, by Detective Amaral and the evidence presented gives an indication as to where the truth is. The most convincing is the smell of death unearthed by the trained ENGLISH dogs who found this evidence by the sofa in the lounge, in a wardrobe in the parents bedroom and in the car they hired. The other evidence points out discrepancies in the statements given by the various members of the holiday group together with other evidence gleaned from ordinary people who were witness to various incidents that happened around the apartment and in Luz itself. The McCanns have spent a veritble fortune on publicity, travel, PR gurus, spokespersons and private detective agencies and the presently employed detectives all to no avail. The World will probably be delighted to see the specialist British squad get involved and the whole matter brought to a conclusion. The Portuguese will give them all the assistance they need. However, do not denegrate what the Portuguese Police have done as the McCanns themselves appear to do. They were operating in a difficult situation with un-cooperative people who condemned their actions from day one and according to Amaral's book were more interested in defending their own position than helping to find the answers. It cannot happen soon enough, the World is waiting!


Anonymous said...

Why the obsession with a missing little girl?
Is it healthy?

councillor Blog said...

Acording to the Press it is the "World's biggest child abduction case". There has been advertising and posters and interviews costing hundreds of thousands of pounds thrown at it and more publicity than almost any happening in the history of man.

Just keeping it in the Limelight and maintaining a "healthy" interest.

The "abdustor" is the only person with the obsession in a little girl!

Ironside said...

The twins it seems are now having help to come to terms with the loss of their big sister.

The Mccanns say in this article they will be honest when they ask questions. I wonder if that means the Mccanns will tell them that when they were babies they were left in a creche all day and left alone most of the night so that their parents could go and enjoy themselves.

Good morning Anon...Today is a very special day it is the day of Remembrance...To me this means young men and women gave their lives to give us a better place to live. That Anon. included freedom of speech, something the Mccanns are trying to stop...There are two sides to this story and sadly in the UK you have only heard the Mccanns version.

Obsession ,No I do not think so...this case has many twists and turns and there are many more to come. I want to know what happened to Madeleine Mccann...and wisecracks from Gerry Mccann when asked a serious question by a serious reporter what do you think about the cadaver dogs..."Unreliable" Ask the dogs"...this is his daughter we are talking about. She seems to be of so little importance in this sorry affair.

Good morning Councillor Blog...have a good Sunday

Ironside said...

Transcript of Interview with Portuguese Reporter...

Sandra speaks very good English,but sometimes her accent makes it hard for us to understand the question.
With many thanks to Joana Morais.


Sandra: Hello Kate, Hi Gerry. You have called us here, or invited us here to show these two new pictures of how Madeleine might look like now at the age of six and also to watch a video, a new appeal video, but you have been recently together in Lisbon. Have you truely felt that the portuguese public opinion is still with you?

Gerry: I think obviously there has been a lot written that is very negative, and ehm it is inevitable that given so much..., so much was written negative about us, that some people felt that we were involved, that we do feel now, that legal action has been taken and the judicial process has seen that there is no evidence to support what has been written.

Sandra: You are talking about Goncalo Amaral's book?

Gerry: Yeah, but also with the publication of the file in the first place erm an initial process of the criminal erm file and regarding Madeleine's disappearance. You know there is no evidence that we were involved and subsequently the action we have taken recently I think that people are now prepared to continue the search for Madeleine and that is why we are here today asking people to help us trying to get this very important message...

Sandra: But how can you explain that Goncalo Amaral has sold over 175.000 copies defending that you played the keyrole in Madeleine's disappearance?

Kate: I mean I think it's important to remember Sandra, the only victim in all of this is Madeleine erm and that is obviously why we are here today really, we are trying to, we are trying to (sigh) reach that person who knows something, and there is somebody who knows something, not the person who has taken Madeleine, but the person on the periphery, and that might just be erm a colleague of the person, a neighbour, a fami..., you know this person, the abductor, has got a mother, a brother, a cousin, a part of family, so that...

Sandra: Do you believe that the public opinion in Portugal right now after reading the book of Goncalo Amaral erm still can support you? Still can answer to that appeal?
Gerry: Now that's the key point why we are taking action Sandra and that is part of the legal process as you know. There is already an injunction out against the book He is banned from repeating his thesis that Madeleine is dead and we were involved. Now that has been two separate judges plus the original judgemental file have said that thats what we will do with discussing the facts. Thats the correct place to discuss.Goncalo Amaral. And the Book...

Ironside said...


Sandra: Are you saying that Goncalo Amaral doesn't have the right to share his opinion, his conviction under the evidence he gathered into a book? He doesn't have freedom of expression to say that and to publish it?

Gerry: There is a difference between freedom of expression and evidence to support a theory. What the judges have said there isn't evidence to support this theory, so he shouldn't be saying it. And is about as much as we want to say about him. You know that's a legal process and we have challenged it, it's been through the judicial process and thats....

Sandra: The files were closed and no thesis won. How can you explain that after Goncalo Amaral, Paulo Rebelo, the next investigator, also pursued this thesis? He also investigated the possibility of you both play the keyrole in Madeleine's disappearance?

Gerry: It was investigated, the evidence was presented to the judiciary, and the judiciary concluded there was no evidence to support that thesis, that's very...

Sandra: No DNA, but how do you explain...

Gerry: No no...

Sandra: ...the coincidence...

Gerry: The DNA is only one aspect of it, there was no evidence to support our involvement in Madeleine's disappearance, that is the key thing. Madeleine is still missing, we are here as her family to continue the search. Now I can't speak for people who have read the book but obviously it doesn't stand up to critical appraisal (?).

Sandra: But this is the first time that you give us a big interview not being arguidos, not being arguidos. Since then. erm. So now I feel free to ask you this directly. How can you explain the coincidence of the scent of cadaver found by british and not portuguese dogs?

Kate: Sandra, maybe you should ask the judiciary because they have examined all evidence. I mean we are also Madeleine's mum and dad and we are desperate for people to help us find Madeleine which is why we are here today. The majority of people are inherently good and I believe the majority of people in Portugal are inherently good people and I am asking them if they will help us spread this message to that person or people...

Sandra: So you don't have an explanation for that?

Gerry: Ask the dogs (smirk) Sandra.

Sandra: Ask the dogs? No Gerry. Now I feel free to ask you, don't you feel free to answer me?

Gerry: I can tell you that we have also looked at evidence about (haha) cadaver dogs and they are incredibly unreliable.

Sandra: Unreliable?

Gerry: Cadaver dogs, yes. That's what the evidence shows, if they are tested scientifically.

Ironside said...


Sandra: You read the files, Kate?

Kate: Yes I have read the files.

Sandra: What did shock you most? Any part of the... any detail weren't... aware of? Something that has really surprised you or you didn't find anything?

Kate: Oh I have been through them and I have made notes and I passed that on to our investigation team obviously.

Sandra: And you found any evidence? Of anything?

Kate: Well obviously the only evidence I wanna find is who has taken Madeleine and where she is. They are the key things and until we actually get that bit of information you know we are always gonna feel like we are a long way away. But basically what we are doing is trying to get as much information as we can and trying to put the jig-shaw, jigsaw together, so finally we have the complete picture.

Sandra: And what about your friends? Did you have a pact of silence with your friends?

Kate: (laughing) You know the judicial secrecy?

Sandra: I know it but we don't have it anymore.

Gerry: You have to put it into context of the situation that we were in...

Sandra: But now is the time to explain it...

Gerry: That, ar.. ar... article that was written in June was directly as a result of the journalist phoning all of us, and saying what can you tell us about it and we were under explicit instructions that we were not to talk about the details of the case, under judicial secrecy. So that is all that people did. And I don't think that should be considered a pact of silence.We were told, that's what we were to do. And you wouldn't expect witnesses in other cases in any country to begin divulging information that may be useful to the perpetrator of the crime.

Sandra: Are you still friends? Do you plan another trips together or did it damage...?

Kate and Gerry: No No

Kate: We are still friends. We haven't got any holidays planned but we are still friends. We are in touch with each other, we still meet up and see each other.

Sandra: Don't you agree that there were a lot of details that in a certain way contribute to people to doubt of you, for example, when you went to the Vatican so quickly, all the contacts that you have made. Can I ask you Gerry, if you personally know Mr. Gordon Brown the Primeminister?

Gerry: (moving on his chair uncomfortably) No, and we still, we have never met Gordon Brown. We have spoken to him once on the phone several weeks after Madeleine was abducted. People have got to remember that, and what today is about... good ordinary people wanted to help find an innocent missing child. And that's what happened. Clearly there was a huge amount of media coverage and people wanted to look at ways to help. Our government wanted to assist the investigation to find the missing child.

Sandra: Are they still supporting you, Mr. Gordon Brown still talks to you directly?

Gerry: We have had continued meetings with both the Home Office and also with the Foreign Office to discuss ways in which the search can continue. Obviously today is a prime example of law enforcement-LED initiative with CEOP with... in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, Interpol, Europol, and you know, the key thing is, that law enforcement believe we can get information from those who may know.

Ironside said...


Sandra: How could you explain that Clarence Mitchell left the British Government where he was a press speaker to be your press speaker?

Gerry: Obviously, when Clarence came first out to Portugal working for the Government at that time he came out and spent I think almost three, two to three weeks with us, and he got to know us very very well, and he felt very very passionate about the search for Madeleine and when the opportunity arose, erm, you know, we asked him if he would come back and shield us from the intense media interest and that is what Clarence has done superbly well, and he has become an extremely good friend during this.

Sandra: But he must be paid.?

Gerry: He was paid, that's right

Sandra: And now he must be paid?

Gerry: yeah, but you know...

Sandra: Isn't it difficult for you to pay him?

Gerry: You know, in the first period Brian Kennedy paid his salary and then he was subsequently paid by the fund and now, you know, he works part-time on this, and he is a consultant for Freud Agency, so, you know, as the media interest dropped down, we haven't needed a full-time spokesperson. He still works with us, we are working very closely with him and he has done a brilliant job protecting us and allowing us to have some degree of normality as a family considering the very very intense media interest.

Sandra: You have also hired a new communication agency back in Portugal. Why do you think you need it and is it easy for you to afford it?

Gerry: Well again, it is an agreement that it is funded out of Madeleine's fund. It's a decision that was made by the directors of the fund, because we felt... Kate and I are both directors of the fund, there are nine directors in total, that to really make the search successful we had to present information to the portuguese public, given how much had been written in a negative way about us, and obviously we want to work with someone who understands the portuguese culture and the portuguese media and how we could persuade people that Madeleine is still out there and still can be found....

Sandra: Until when do you think that you will afford all this? Two lawyers in Portugal, a news agency, Clarence Mitchell... I don't know if you still have the two lawyers that you have hired here in London?

Kate: It's not ideal, you know, Sandra. We wouldn't have any lawyers, we wouldn't need any appeal if we weren't in the situation....

Ironside said...


Sandra: But don't you feel strangled? Don't you feel that some day you feel it will be finished the money?

Kate: We have to do whatever we can to find Madeleine and obviously we have to look at sort of , you know, if the fund starts to run out we have to try and get more money in, we can't stop...

Sandra: And how do you do it?

Gerry: Well, you know, people have been extremely kind. You have to remember that the fund was set up initially because so many people offered money to try and help and wanted to help and were prepared to donate. We would love nothing better for Madeleine to be found and for the remaining moneys in the fund to go to helping other families of missing children both in the UK and in Portugal, and that is one of our objectives when we have found Madeleine... AND her abductor, then the moneys will be used for that. Obviously if the money runs out... is running out, then we have to look at alternative ways of fundraising erm we have done small events, community events, which have been very good for team building. We have had a small auction in Madeleine's school and the school where the twins are.

Sandra: Do you still have the support of Mr. Richard Branson, JK Rowling, this multimillionaire that initially gave you a lot of money?

Gerry: (burblegurgle) independent investigation that has been funded completely out of Madeleine's fund... I mean an event like today, there is no specific cost for it, and this is obviously the internet, people already have subscriptions, they can do this. There is the willingness of the population to help and I think we will find hundreds of thousands if not millions of people today will forward this link to their contacts in countries all over the world. That is cheap.

Sandra: Do you still have money in the fund?

Gerry: There is some money still in the fund and it continues to be used and we will use every single penny in that fund in the search for Madeleine.

Sandra: You have asked Goncalo Amaral to pay you 1 million euros for damage erm for the defamation for example. Do you need that money to finance the campaign?

Kate: The reason why we have taken action against Goncalo Amaral is the damage that he has done for Madeleine. That's our main focus.

Sandra: Which motives could he have to make up all this story?

Gerry: We can't speak for Goncalo Amaral.

Sandra: But I presume that you think something? Why should an investigator make it up, a story without evidence

Kate: It has to be financial gain, hasn't it?

Sandra: You think that he made this with the commercial perspective?

Kate: You would have to ask him to get the answer to this.

Sandra: So this is your idea?

Kate: It's a possibility, isn't it. I mean I have....

Sandra: You think Goncalo Amaral is trying to win money playing with your, erm your child's life?

Kate: We have to wonder why an ex-inspector of the PJ would want to convince the population that Madeleine is dead, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. And that question should be asked.

Ironside said...

Sandra: The room, Madeleine's room is still the same?

Kate: The bedroom? Yeah, it's quite a few more presents in it now, but yeah, it's still the same.

Sandra: And what do you keep telling the twins whenever they ask for her? I presume that they ask about her a lot of times?

Kate: Well they know she is missing, you know, and they know we are looking for her, and they also say things to me like, if they see things like a Madeleine sticker or a poster, they say "look Mummy they are helping to find Madeleine with us", and they might point at other people saying "Mummy are they helping us to find Madeleine?" and you know, so *shrugs*

Sandra: Is it still very hard for you or are you getting used to this reality? Are you trying to live with it?

Kate: You have to, I think, you have to adapt and you have to function. And if we want to look after Sean and Amelie, and if you want to search for Madeleine, then you have to function. Erm. I am obviously stronger than I was say a year ago, and, obviously the emotion is still there...but...*sigh*

Gerry: Well we do as much as we possibly can to ensure that the twins see us happy, and see us happy with them, and they give us a tremendous amount of joy, and our life, you know, on a day-to-day basis superficially would look like any other family with two young children. Obviously one of our children is missing. And they know that and they know that that's not good and they want her back and they understand why on occasion, you know, that we are particularly upset and... we all want Madeleine back to be a complete family again, but the twins are coping fantastic...

Sandra: You told me once that you are both living a nightmare. In your more optimistical perspective, what do you imagine, what do you think, it could be the best way to recover Madeleine.

Gerry: I think, the first thing today is that this message, it can be downloaded and distributed, be heard and seen by someone who knows, and it well tweak their conscience and get them to give information to bring Madeleine back.

Sandra: The last lead that you have shared with us was about a women in Barcelona. Has this anything to do with this appeal? (Kate shakes head?) Is it for that, that you are asking the relatives of people that can be involved in her disappearance, to call you?

Gerry: I think the first thing to say is that the investigation is to be dealt with by professionals and obviously we have got David Edgar working for us or law enforcement as a project (?). Today is about this appeal. It is completely separate. It is going out in seven different languages, we want it to be spread as far and as wide as possible because we don't know where Madeleine is and we don't know who took her and that's why we need the public's help to spread the email, an email to all your contacts. I know you have already done it, Sandra.

Sandra: Thank you very much to you both.

Ironside said...


Sandra: Do you feel that there is a difference of treatment between the portuguese authorities and the british authorities? In any moment did you feel, or do you feel still, that you were victims of the portuguese investigation?

Gerry: The key victim is Madeleine. I mean, that's what the crime is about. We know we had to be investigated. And we have been investigated.

Sandra: Sorry Gerry, but you Kate said once, that you were feeling bad with what they asked you inside the PJ, trying to get a confession from you...

Kate: I know the truth Sandra, you know what I mean, and all I want to do is find Madeleine and I was upset...

Sandra: So have you forgotten everything that already passed? It's passed for you both?

Kate: The only thing we can do now is look forward, you know, you know. There is lessons to be learned by everyone ourselves included, from what's happened. But, all we want to do is find Madeleine and the only way of doing that is by looking forwards and trying to be proactive and see what we can do now, which is why this message has gone out today.

Sandra: Did you go back to work? Are you working already?

Kate: I am working full time in the campaign to find Madeleine. I am looking after Sean and Amelie.

Sandra: You don't have any plans to go back to the clinic?

Kate: No I don't, no I don't

Sandra: You don't. And talking about the twins. Now the time is passing. Two years and a half since Madeleine disappeared. They are growing up. How will you be able to explain them what happened one day they have the age to really understand it?

Gerry: It's like filling in a picture for them with the information we have available and we will give them as their minds inquire, and as they are able to handle that information, then we will answer all of their questions openly and honestly.

Sandra: But what will you tell them

Gerry: Well, we will answer the questions. So what they ask us we will tell them. And we tell them exactly what happened and what information we know. And what we do know, is that we are continuing to look for their sister. They want people to look for their sister.

Sandra: But will you go into details about what happened?

Kate: We will be led by them. We have had avice from a child psychologist and they said Sean and Amelie would lead the way. If they ask a question answer them honestly. We are not gonna rush them, but if they ask something, then obviously we will answer them.

Sandra: They are in the same school where Madeleine was?

Gerry: Well she didn't get a chance to start yet so, she was there, her place is there, and the twins are there now.

councillor Blog said...

Is there a report somewhere about the first Policeman at the scene having quite a large bank account? I thought I had seen something but cannot find it now.

Oscar said...

Ironside said...

Good evening, yes there is will find a link for you...but take a look at this, this is about the David Payne statement and the concerns of Dr.Katherine Gaspar...have you seen this statement. I cannot remember if I have posted it on your blog.Now, question is have the Express got the guts to print it in their is part of the Investigation I see no reason why not...

Also, Chris Eire was not in charge of the Investigation at LPD...It was Matt Baggott who surprise,surprise was moved back in Aug/Sept 2009 to become ..Chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.


UK police chief hits back at Portuguese detective’s claims
8 November 2009 | Posted by astro
The head of Leicestershire Police has rejected claims from a former Portuguese detective that his officers withheld a witness statement from the Madeleine McCann inquiry.

Chris Eyre, the Temporary Chief Constable, said “I can assure you that at no time were statements withheld and not passed on.”

Goncalo Amaral, the Algarve detective who was removed the inquiry early on, made his claim in a book, which is now banned.

Mr Eyre responded after Freedom of Information requests were submitted by the Sunday Express.

A team of Leicestershire family officers went to Portugal on 5 May 2007 to support the McCanns.

It has also emerged that the Foreign Office has withheld details about the investigation so as not to damage relations between Britain and Portugal.

An individual submitted Freedom of Information requests to get details of negotiations by John Buck, Britain’s former ambassador to Portugal.

The then Information Commissioner Richard Thomas refused in case it caused Portugal to lose trust in Britain’s discretion.

in: Sunday Express, 08.11.2009, paper edition only

Ironside said...

He was one of the first agents to arrive in Praia da Luz. PJ is already investigating the handover of “live” money

One of the Guarda Nacional Republicana agents who was first to arrive at the resort in Praia da Luz and at the McCann couple’s apartment is suspected of having received over 120 thousand euros of “live” money, a short time after Maddie’s disappearance. This GNR officer is essential to the entire investigation, given the fact that he was among the first to arrive at the location where the little girl disappeared, and also one of the first people to get into contact with the parents.

TVI has established that the case of the sudden 120 thousand euros in the GNR officer’s hands is being investigated by the Polícia Judiciária (PJ).

On the night that Maddie McCann disappeared, the first authorities to arrive on location were the GNR officers. It was their task to search the apartment, to perform the initial searches, to speak with the McCann couple, and to direct the searches on the beach and in the village, namely the open areas where sewer and piping works were under way, only tens of metres away from the resort that the British family had booked for their holidays.

Gerry’s suspicious walk

According to depositions that were made within the process, the GNR agents even witnessed a walk by Gerry McCann, late in the night, near the church in Praia da Luz. All fundamental moments to understand what happened to the missing child.

TVI knows that one of the first agents that took care of the event is being targeted by an inquiry. The issue is an amount of over 120 thousand euros that were received in cash, on two bank accounts under his name, one of which at Caixa Geral de Depósitos. The most serious coincidence is that the money started being deposited, on those accounts, only a short time after the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann.

This amount is much higher than that of a GNR officer’s salary and was deposited on “live” money, according to investigation sources, in parts of over 10 thousand euros.

Officer denies deposits

The investigation into these deposits is being carried out by DCICCEF [Central Directory for the Investigation of Corruption and Economical and Financial Crime], which tries to understand the reasons for these payments. Even if their illegality is proved, a connection to the Maddie case may not exist, despite the strong temporal coincidence and the high amount of money.

Contacted by TVI, the officer denied the existence of said deposits, having offered the possibility that his name was unduly used to open those accounts. Police sources in the area manifested their strangeness concerning the possibility that this officer, whom they consider of honest reputation, could be involved in illegal actions.

Source: TVI/IOL Diário

Ironside said...

You may also find this of interest..I am interested in this case also due to the alleged cover up.The same cadaver dogs were used in this case as for the Mccanns. The Daily Mail tried to discredit the dogs...The piece of 'coconut shell' that Eddie detected was never proven...this was a press release. Oddly enough this 'cocnut shy' is now said to be missing... There are plenty of children who are now damaged adults from the events that took place in Jersey....Lenny Harper insists the dogs were correct in their findings.

Ironside said...


David Payne May Hold the Key to Maddie's Mystery

«Since the 16th of May 2007, the British authorities possess an official formal complaint presented by Katherine and Arul Gaspar, regarding suspicions about David Payne's behaviour which might be consistent with paedophilia acts.

These statements only entered the Portuguese Public Ministry's Process of investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance in January 2008 - the third version of the famous rogatory letters had already been sent to the Home Office - read: 'English tantrum delays McCanns process'. It is unknown if these statements were followed up by both forces in the United Kingdom and in Portugal.

The Gaspars, both doctors and former friends of the Paynes and of the McCanns, explain in the following statements what led them to present the criminal complaint: the time was in September of 2005, the place Majorca.»

McCann Case: Foreign Office Secrets

«The complainant said the release was in the public interest in order to uphold public confidence that British authorities do everything possible to help find missing children, reassure people the authorities keep in close contact with the police involved in the search and ensure public funds are used effectively to help find missing children.

But the Commissioner said in his decision that the disclosure would offend the Portuguese authorities.

He went on to say: “..even now, to disclose full information about the then ambassador’s communications with the Portuguese authorities then, on a balance of probabilities, substantial damage to the international relationship would result.”

He added: “The Commissioner is mindful of the need for the UK authorities to be seen to be worthy of trust by their foreign counterparts in Portugal and elsewhere in the world.

“He sees significant risk that disclosure of confidences or of other sensitive material would have damaging implications for any possible further developments on this matter and any relevant future investigations in Portugal or elsewhere in the world. This would not be in the best interests of the McCann family, including Madeleine, or of other UK citizens travelling to Portugal or elsewhere outside the UK.”»

Full decision - PDF document

Ironside said...

English tantrum delays McCanns process
31 January 2008 | Posted by Joana Morais
24 Horas:

Rogatory letter was in England but was returned to the State Attorney

The letter that was destinated to interrogate the McCanns and their friends returned because of simple bureaucratic problems. The PJ was unaware of this whole story

A veritable 'tantrum' from the English is delaying the conclusion of the investigations into the Madeleine case. The English have already held the letter that contains the questions that the PJ wants to be asked from the McCann family and their friends - sent by Eurojust, the European entity that is competent to establish the judicial connection between various countries - but their understanding was that some bureaucratic formalities were not being observed. And they requested a new letter.

The team of investigators which is led by Paulo Rebelo was unaware of this situation. "It took us a month to elaborate the questions and to request the translation. All that work was done during the end of the year 2007. We always thought that the letter was in England, to be executed", says a source at the PJ that is connected to the process.

The first letter that was sent to the Home Office - the equivalent to our Interior Administration Ministery - gathered all the conditions that were necessary to be immediately accepted.

"The letter was translated and duly prepared. Two persons from Eurojust had been working on it, not in terms of the contents, but of the legal procedures, so it could be executed. One was a Portuguese jurist, the other was English. There were direct contacts with the Home Office. Unfortunately, the English understood that there were still some procedures that should be observed and demanded that the letter was sent through normal diplomatic channels, and not through Eurojust", José Lopes da Mota, the president of that entity, explained to 24Horas.

Second version

"The case is being followed by us with a lot of attention. The English could have accepted the version that we prepared, but that did not happen. They made suggestions and we transmitted them to the competent authorities. At this moment, there is a second version of the rogatory letter that is following the legal diplomatic channels that were demanded by the British. But that does not mean it's the final one. There have been cases where we had to send three or four versions for this type of request to be accepted. The English just asked for the letter to be reformulated, according to their right", Lopes da Mota said.

A source at the State Attorney's Office clarified yesterday that the letter was sent by the Public Ministery via Eurojust at the beginning of this month, but "the English authorities raised some questions from that European entity". Therefore, the State Attorney's Office admitted, "the letter was sent back to the Public Ministery".

And it concludes: "The State Attorney's Office is now trying to solve a problem it did not create".

Ironside said...

I think if you read Gerry Mccanns response to Sandra about the problem being the Police Files having been released for public viewing.The Mccanns thought that the secrecy laws in Portugal would remain just that ,Secret. The British public have never known why the Investigation pointed to the Mccanns involvement and why they were made Arguidos. Even when Amaral left and Det. Rebelo replaced him the Investigation still pointed in the right direction...Sandra asked the Mccanns did they not find this odd...they could not answer.

The Final Report is in the Files for all to see. The Mccanns do not want us to see this. Also Madeleines case has been shelved and not closed. The Mccanns have not been cleared ,there is not enough evidence to charge them.

REMEMBER this is the findings of Det.Rebelo

This is the summing up of the report by Chief Inspector Tavares De Almaida..

“From everything that is exposed, the process files result in the following:

A) the minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007;

B) a simulation of an abduction took place;

C) in order to render the child’s death impossible before 22H00, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was made up;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

E) at this moment, there seem to be no strong indications that the child’s death was not the result of a tragic accident, yet;

F) from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, doesn’t want to deliver the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility that it was moved from the initial place of deposition. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place.


This is all on record for anyone to view..

This is what is contained in the Official shelving of the case.If the British Press had printed both sides of this alleged abduction this case would have been solved a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

thank you ironside.most revealing,so it seams there was no abducter.yes it is a shame that the press have not printed any thing from the files,so there is no one on madelienes side.poor madeleine

Ironside said...

Good afternoon Anon, yes this is where Carter Ruck come in. I would imagine all newspapers have been warned to print this, is libel. My question, how can it be libel if this was the findings of a police investigation?

Goncalo Amarals book had to be stopped at all costs, it contains the findings of the Investigation.

Ironside said...

Maybe Anon someone was looking out for Madeleine. I have just found this , not much escapes my beady eye, but this did. Possible what do you think?

Anon.#72, from what I recall reading, not only did the Gaspars statements take an incredibly long time to reach Portugal and the PJ, but also those potentially vital docs. were sent concealled among a stack of routine paper-work, as if they meant nothing, only another unimportant report just for the archives! The finding of those statements is yet another proof of the professional and meticulous work that was done by the PJ, the investigators could have simply put that block of documentation to one side, they could have had read of the first few and as those were routine and unimportant papers they could very well have assumed that the rest of it was all the same and filled the lot. But that didn't happen, they took the trouble to read every single one of those and came across the Gaspars statements. I bet they were astonished to find the statements there, statements that should have been forwarded with the utmost urgency and taken very seriously by the Leicester Police! I believe it was either sent to Portugal by mistake among the paper-work,or, someone in the Leicester Constabulary felt that it had to reach the portuguese investigators somehow, and that was the only way he/she could do it.

Ironside said...

News articles on Metodo 3

Ironside said...

The latest News.

Ironside said...

The plot thickens between England and Portugal.

Ironside said...


Anonymous said...

OMG Gordon really is in the thick of it, what the hell would happen if all this actually did get out, FreePort/McCanns......"SHIT FAN" come to mind

Ironside said...

Good evening Councillor Blog. A very nice site, well thought out. So nice to see that you are showing both sides of this case.Thank you.

You may also be interested to know that there is a lot of Press coverage on Goncalo Amaral today in the Portuguese Press.

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