Monday, 30 November 2009

The Cancelled Reconstruction . The above link relates to the happenings surrounding the proposed reconstruction of the events on the evening of Madeleine's disappearance. The Portuguese Police felt that by holding a full reconstruction of the events of that evening with the actual persons taking their own roles they would be in a position to further explore the evidence they had alrady assembled and clarify any areas of uncertainty. . Despite assurances given by the Police as to the safety of the McCanns and the others in the party the reconstruction had to be cancelled as there was a refusal by them to take part. Not exactly what one would expect from doting parents and their "friends" desperate to locate a missing youngster. . The link shows the results of the efforts of the Police to set up the reconstruction and the lack of co-operation of the British party. . Thanks to Ironside .


Ironside said...

Back to the beginning.

An interesting article that asks How did it come to this?

Ironside said...

Mccanns through Carter Ruck start to silence the Internet.

I think we all knew it was a question of time.PAMALAMs site has all records of the Mccanns and their direct quotes plus Mccanns blog which Mccann deleted from his own site. The Mccanns wish the only version to remain is theirs and it looks like they are on their way.

Blogger said...

We have always been led to believe that people had a right to Freedom of Speech. Is this right now being denied to all who wish to pass on opinion or put forward any hypothesis?

The McCanns could be considered as neglecting their duty of care to their children by leaving them unattended whilst they went off for their evening of social activity. Had the children been with a Baby sitter or other responsible person Madeleine would not have "disappeared".

For this ommission alone, in our opinion, they should have been severely censured and or prosecuted. And it is our right to make that comment!

ironside said...

Good afternoon Blogger, I think what the Mccanns really want is to have the Police Files removed from the public domain. The files contain Mrs.Fenns statement which proves the Mccanns did not check the children as they would have us believe on Tuesday the 1st May.Mrs Fenn heard Madeleine screaming 10.30 until 11,45..daddy, daddy. mrs Fenn was so concerned and asked a friend what should she do.

Dr.Katherine Gaspar her statement is also damning for the Mccanns with regards to David Payne.

The neighbour who told PJ that the boot of the scenic was left open night after night. The explanations by the family that the smell in the car was from dirty nappies and rotting meat.

The evidence from the dogs...'Unreliable' says Mccann...These dogs only alerted to the Mccanns car and property on several spots including clothing of Kate Mccanns. Two dogs alert to the same areas and clothing. Unreliable I think not.

Also in the files the police comment on the Mccanns reactions when sightings are reported. Gerry Mccann sucking on a lollipop Kate in a mood because she had to go with police to check the sighting. Does this sound like two parents who have lost a child?..I really cannot understand them at all.I wish I knew what was behind all of this.

However all is not lost...Goncalo Amaral is fighting back with another book.

Ironside said...

Another example of a witness statement from the Mccanns. Fiona Payne...and even her surprise that the twins did not wake...

I have said before it is now obvious that Carter Ruck have silenced all newspapers. If the British public read statements such as these...I believe there is enough evidence to cast reasonable doubt on the Mcanns version of events to what really happened that night.

Ironside said...

Kate Mccann wrote to Paulo Rebelo....asking for information on the investigation. Later to refuse returning for the reconstruction.

Ironside said...

A source close to the investigation told The Times: “One of the things they want to do is clarify all the problems so if they want to advance on the McCanns there will be no unanswered questions. They are certain that Madeleine died in the apartment but the question they cannot answer is who took the body and where it went.”


This is a quote taken from the Times Oct 11th 2007...Under P.Rebelos Investigation...I think it is very clear why the Mccanns and their friends did not return for the reconstruction.

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