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Every day we are receiving more and more comments on the mystery of the missing Madeleine McCann . The result is that some of the posts are becoming extremely lengthy. We have decided to introduce new posts where comments of a General nature may be made which we hope will make them easier to read. The subject heading will be as above but numbered so that one can easily return to whatever post is of interest at the time. .


Ironside said...


Good morning Councillor Blog.

This was according to the McCanns Madeleines favourite book. Russell O'Brian ripped the front and back cover from this book to write the timeline for that evening. He was not searching for Madeleine who may well have wandered off but busy explaining their checks for that night so that he may hand this to the police. I find this most strange, here we have a missing child and one of the group writing timelines. Who would be in a state of mind to even think let alone write?

LJC said...

The person wanting Scotland Yard to get involved is Mr Dai Davies, former Police Supt. In 2007 he wrote the following:-

"To the outsider it has all the ingredients of a classic Agatha Christie-style whodunit - but in reality it's far more complex and heartbreaking, because it involves the disappearance of a little girl.

I spent a week in Praia da Luz where Madeleine went missing, "walking the shop floor" as I call it, going over the available evidence and unearthing some startling new information about the case. And in what will surely be another hammer-blow to the McCanns' hopes of finding their little daughter, I've discovered from lengthy talks with my barrister contact that Portuguese investigators have unofficially abandoned the hunt for Madeleine's alleged abductor.

There is now NO detective work being carried out by Portuguese police to link anyone other than the McCanns to Maddie's disappearance. Officially, they say they're continuing the search for an abductor. But their policy is now to only respond to sightings reported to them by Europol and Interpol.

The officers leading the investigation are pinning their hopes on the DNA evidence, getting some sort of confession from the McCanns or their friends, or finding Madeleine's body.

They remain convinced of her parents' guilt, apparently unwilling to consider another scenario, even as their "house of cards" case collapses around them. Another fresh revelation that undermines the Portuguese effort is that police also failed to take DNA samples from Madeleine's little brother Sean, two, and his twin sister, Amelie, until their parents were made "arguidos", or suspects, just over two weeks ago. This failure has seriously undermined the whole forensic case against the McCanns. It means early forensic work is flawed and needs to be re-examined. A process that could take months.

Evidence gathered by the Portuguese police against the McCanns which we have learned about in the past couple of weeks depends entirely on forensic tests, including DNA evidence, so-called bodily fluids and hair. Yet I have found that evidence has been fatally flawed through their own incompetence. The apartment was also not sealed off properly, meaning any evidence was contaminated from the outset.

Also, I can now see the McCanns in no way abandoned their kids, as some have suggested. I was amazed at how close their apartment was to the tapas restaurant. After just a few hours it was also possible to dispel some of the slurs that have been levelled at the McCanns. Gerry did not call Sky TV before he called the police, as the Portuguese media has claimed. Police now know this was done by Gerry's sister, Philomena, in Glasgow. But they have allowed that rumour to fester.

The McCanns are also deeply religious, yet the Portuguese police want us to believe they have disposed of their daughter's body at sea or buried it in unconsecrated ground.

The police now need to halt their campaign to pin this awful crime on two innocent people and bring in new officers for a complete overhaul with fresh eyes. It's back to square one.


1. Maddie was snatched by an opportunist paedophile. He only planned to abuse her but panicked, possibly strangled her and took the body. Profile: White male, 20-35, single, lives with mother. Known to police, knew resort.

2. A planned abduction, plotted in UK, in which she was "snatched to order" by a paedophile gang. Profile: British, male or female, 20-40, living alone.

3. Someone holding a grudge against the McCanns. Profile: Impossible to estimate, but likely to be more than one person.

4. Snatched by local childless couple. Profile: Portuguese, 30-45.

I am afraid to say it is most likely Maddie is dead. And I fear the failure of the Portuguese investigation could lead to the shadow of suspicion hanging over the McCanns for years to come".

No doubt Mr Davies enjoyed his freeby holiday in the Algarve.

Ironside said...

It is a great shame that Mr.Davies did not have a cup of tea and a chat with Mrs Fenn. Mrs.Fenn would have been able to tell Mr.Davies that when she offered to phone the Police for the Mccanns they told her they had already been contacted. This was a lie.The call to GNR was not logged until 10.40 pm.We all know the alarm was raised of a missing child by the Mccanns at 10.00 pm.

Mrs Fenns apartment is above the Mccanns and Mrs.Fenn would sit on her Balcony in the evening enjoying the warm evenings. Two nights before she had heard a child crying from that apartment for roughly 90 minutes...the cries became so strong and distressing that she phoned a friend about what she should do. The child was screaming 'Daddy daddy'

I wish Mrs Fenn had called the police that night the 1st May and Maddie may well be here today.

Ironside said...


More strange behaviour from the Mccanns and their 'suggestion' that the PJ continue to investigate Robert Murat.

IRONSIDE said...


Details of the Investigation and the alleged happenings of May 3rd 2007.

Ironside said...

Michael Wright and the 'Smell' in the car.

Michael’s wife (Anne-Marie) is the cousin of Kate McCANN but has known her since she was about 8 years old when she used to holiday on The Isle of Man where he used to live. He has known Gerry since 1997 when he started to go out with Kate. They now generally meet up on key family events.

The families stayed together in each others homes in 2006 and February 2007 and were planning a family holiday in the UK in June 2007.

He received a phone call around 11pm on 3rd May from his wife’s mother informing him that Madeleine had been taken from her bed. Between 10am and 11am that morning he again spoke with Kate who wanted her parents to join them in Portugal.
Michael went out to Portugal on 5th May and initially stayed above Kate and Gerry on the Mark Warner complex. He returned to the UK on 11th May but made five further trips to Portugal;

14th May to 18th May, 8th June to 13th June with his wife and they looked after the twins when Kate and Gerry, went to Morocco.

12th July to 13th July he returned with Kate and the twins to attend the christening of his own children while Gerry was already in the UK. The McCANN’S returned to Portugal on 15th July.

22nd August to 1st September to replace the CAMERON family. Here he assisted in arranging the return of Gerry and Kate by booking a removal firm in Lagos in his name. 7th September to 9th September. He helped clean up the villa as the McCANNS with the CAMERONS and Eileen McCANN returned home on 9th September.

In August and September he stayed in Gerry and Kate’s rented villa.

Michael assisted with the running of the Madeline campaign and describes Gerry and Kate as distraught, and how they crumbled and sobbed when not out at official meetings or media conferences.

Michael was aware of the hire of the Renault Espace; he was collected from the airport by Kate on 12th July in it and drove the vehicle regularly in August and September. He used the vehicle for shopping, and to the rubbish/recycling area in Praia for the removal of gardening rubbish. He drove the twins to the beach and kiddies club and also for airport runs. Other times he would be a passenger when Gerry or Sandy Cameron would drive.

A number of refuse sites were used. Two areas on the villa estate, at the main entrance and at the top of the hill. A site on Cemetery Road, a site on a road above the Mark Warner complex and a site between the villa and the church.
On a number of occasions he noticed an unpleasant smell in the vehicle that he put down to the twins used nappies which had been discarded with the general waste. He was not aware of any spillages in the vehicle or anyone cleaning it.

Michael further stated that on 6th May he purchased a large quantity of Pizza’s from the pizza shack on the beach at Praia da Luz. The girl serving him was from Liverpool and after introductions she said her father “George” had seen a man carrying a child in the early hours of 4th May in the resort. He is unaware if “George” has ever spoken to the authorities.

Ironside said...


Ironside said...


Anyone else find it strange that these so called detectives on the hunt for Maddie are litle more than a bunch of crooks. Metodo 3...one of whom is in prison on drug trafficking charges and the other is up on an attempted murder charge.

Ironside said...

http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/11/fbi-searches-for-detective-who-worked.htmlMore from the Guardian on this story.


The Times has more...


The Fund needs a full investigation.


Metodo 3

Ironside said...


Metodo 3 .... very simple to do a search and find there is nothing on record of them having found any child let alone 23 children.

300.000 pounds the same figure mentioned in todays news papers.

The Mccanns are now directors of the fund along with their family and friends. If you read the small print the Mccanns and their family may use this money to live from.People were duped into thinking that this money would go toward the search for their daughter Madeleine. Here in Spain everyday there is a large advert in the Daily Mail it offers a 2.5 million reward for information leading to the where abouts of Madeleine. The Mccanns NEVER mention this Reward???

Esther Mcvay, who is a Conservative candidate, was also a Director of the fund. She was a very strong supporter of the Mccanns. Then, without explanation she left and removed anything to do with the Mccanns from her Website.


If this were a book I think I would not be able to read it as I would find the story too unbelievable. Yet, this is happeneing right now in front of our very eyes.

Ironside said...


Speaking of books ,since this alleged abduction started it seems the Mccanns have tried to find a 'Patsy'..this started with Robert Murat...Why did Jane Tanner accuse Robert Murat of being Madeleines 'abductor' Why did the Mccanns insist that PJ investigate him. Why did three of 'The Tapas' return to PDL to accuse him?...

More important of all why did Jane Tanner change her mind about Murat and later her description about the 'alleged abductor ' who started life as an egg with hair.