Monday, 16 November 2009

New Pictures Maddie at 6

Recently we were treated to the age progressed impressions of what Maddie would possibly look like now that she is 6 years old.
All very fine but surely any abductor would disguise the child and not leave her in the same style as she was at 3 years old? Unless, of course, they were total idiots! Talking of which, whoever made up these "age progressed" images should have considered that her hair could have been shortened and re-styled and her whole appearance changed. She could have curls or ringlets or plaits or any one of many styles that are used by young children today. She could even be disguised and dressed as a boy which would not be difficult to carry off, even with her childs voice!
Why on Earth did they not consider all these aspects? It is so unlikely that Maddie still resembles her 3 year old image or even the 6 year old impression. It makes one wonder if those responsible for this latest publicity really wanted her to be found! The seven languages in which the video was produced is worthless if the images are less than helpful.

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Ironside said...

Lets not forget that Dr.Gerald Mccann did say in one of his many interviews on the release of these photos "Madeleine is most probably now wearing contact lenses". The 'Good Marketing Ploy' as Mccann called it seems to now be according to Kate 'Just a fleck'. Therefore why was so much made of Madeleines eye?

A defect that is shown to be so obvious in the campaign photos...yet it is not mentioned on Madeleines Passport..only a mark on her leg, which oddly enough the Mccanns have never mentioned.