Sunday, 28 April 2013

£4.5 million and RISING

It is reported today that bill for the Scotland Yard Police put on the Maddie case in May, 2011 has now risen to £4.5 million, and with more to come.   There has been no positive result so far, as the sixth anniversary of the crime looms on 3rd May.
How much more will be spent on what appears to be a fruitless exercise?  
If Maddie is in the hands of abductors it is unlikely they would allow her anywhere that she could be recognised, and would also take every step to disguise her.   By now Maddie herself would probably have been conditioned to the life style of her abductors and could well have forgotten her previous existence prior to 3 May 2007.  A positive DNA test would be the only evidence of her identity, and it would certainly be very difficult for her to integrate back into her own family.
Assuming that she is still alive, there is an argument for her to be left with her abductors and hope that she has  a good and fruitful life in her new environment.


Anonymous said...

After reading your comment I have only 1 question and that is do you have children of your own? I can not believe the comment "she would be better off now with her abductors" could come from anyone who was a parent!

George Maitland said...

There is also an argument for assuming that someone sick enough to abduct a child and keep her is unlikely to provide a "good and fruitful life in her new environment".

If it was my daughter missing, I wouldn't be counting on it, and I'd never stop looking.

Blogger said...

But was it a sick person, or a costly planned snatch to provide a child for a childless couple or some rich person? We may never know! But we on the Blog understand your feelings.

Joe said...

Regardless of what her parents may and may not have done wrong I find your comments distasteful. I as a parent would do anything and everything possible to find my child if they went missing. No Child is better off with someone sick enough to take them from there home, there friends and there family. Yes I agree The Child should never have been left alone at that age. However I can see how her parents could make that mistake seeing as they were not that far away. It would be like be going across the street to chat with friends well my children were in bed sleeping. I for one would never leave a child that age alone but I can see how others would think it was ok. From what I have seen in this case the parents have and still are doing everything they can to find there missing child. Even after the case was closed. This shows me that they had nothing to do with her disappearance. If they did they would have let the case drop then. Lets stop attacking the parents and the police and pray for the safe return of this little girl. Personalty the comments this site has been posting is not helping and is very distasteful and disrespecting. I am almost sure that the writer or writers do not have kids of there own and if they do I cant imagine why they would be talking as they have on this site. Who cares what it cost and how much this case has to be investigated. If there is a chance that this little girl is found and returned home were she belongs then that is all the matters. Why not do some good with this site by reporting the facts, ways people can help, Links to fundraisers geared to helping the investigation and other missing children organizations. My love and Prayers go out to this little girl her family and friends. Hope you find your way home soon.

Blogger said...

Thanks for your comment Joe.
This Blog is only Censored to remove bad language or defamatory comment, otherwise ALL opinions are respected in accordance with the tradition of Free Speech. Therefore it is bound to contain items that are disagreeable to some people, but we are not Judge or Jury.

All I hope is that every other child that may go "missing" in the future, receives the same attention that Maddie is getting.

Have you read Detective Amaral's Book, The Truth of the Lie? It is worth reading as it gives a good insight into the "event" right from day one.