Sunday, 5 May 2013


We have no excuse for echoing the front page headline from today's Sunday Express where the former suspect Robert Murat suggests that the episode surrounding Maddie's alleged abduction should be replayed on the original stage, in and around the apartment of the Holiday Complex from where she disappeared.
The Portuguese Police also need to become involved in any reconstruction with Detective Amaral being recalled to lead the investigation team.
ALL the evidence including that provided by the British dogs and the Forensic team needs re-examining, as does that of all the witnesses to any pertinent event.
The rest of those on Holiday with the McCanns, who have all been remarkably quiet since that fateful day, need to play their part and speak out giving every detail they are able without fear of recrimination should they add further to their original statements.

The case must be resolved and those responsible brought to book if found.  It cannot be allowed to continue ad infinitum.


Blogger said...

Darnell Price, your comment has not been approved as it is completely OFF TOPIC.

Anonymous said...

On youtube there is a video which states that the driveway of Mr Murat's house should be looked at because a body might be under it.

Delta1117 said...

If i had the money myself or ever won the lottery i would pay for that investigation myself without a second thought as kind willing person just to show the poor macanns that not all of us are against them,why is society so cruel unfair always kicking people when they are down and hurting.england has changed so much in 15years its wrong and makes me depressed,i support kate jerry and i just hope all these websites will be overloaded with apologies to the poor macanns,judging a book by its cover is a big mistake to make,,,,come on and back the poor macanns in a supportive hopefull way,,what ive read dishearting wrong, time will tell, no offence bloggers,

Anonymous said...

Why havn't the Mcanns sold their house to help pay for the investigation? are you a Mug Delta?What about poor Maddie? what has she been going through? thats if she is still alive.From what i have read most people hate them for leaving those little babies all alone