Sunday, 19 May 2013


Sunday Express, 19 May 2013, reveals that a "key" witness states that a middle aged couple entered the McCann flat to comfort Maddie when she was crying, on the evening before her abduction.  Apparently this is "new" and "significant" evidence, even many years after the event, and probably yet another clutch at straws!   It seems the McCanns were, as usual, wining and dining after having left the children alone and unsupervised.   The resident upstairs stated that Maddie's crying could be heard on most evenings when the parents were out.  The lady has since  unfortunately died, but she did make a statement at the time. 

It is amazing - how did the "middle aged couple" who have now entered the scene,  get into the flat to comfort the child?  Or is that a bit of mis-reporting, or was the apartment actually left insecure?

The Police now have 20 people they wish to "interview", so what have they been doing so far in the months they have had available?  37 times NO-A-LOT it seems.

It is a well know fact that the vast majority of crime against children, including abduction, is perpetrated by family, close friends or people known to the family.   As unbelievable as it may seem, the crime of child abduction is rarely carried out by strangers.

In our opinion a re-enactment of the crime, the return of detective Amaral and his team, and a re- assessment of the forensic and other evidence obtained at the time, is the only way forward.


Anonymous said...
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Night Phishing said...

I won't comment on your own thoughts or beliefs on this matter, as you know about as much as I do, nothing. I'm not defending the McCanns, so don't assume that.

If I may ask you one thing, please stop referring to this child as 'Maddie'. You never knew her, and it just comes across as offensive for you to be so familiar. It's awful really that you would use a blog to talk about a child in this way. You think you're 'outing' the McCanns in your spiel, but its all purely for your own advantage, nothing to do with the poor child herself, regardless of how she disappeared.

You are are a cretinous excuse of a human being, blogging for attention off the back of a missing child.

Blogger said...

Madeleine McCann has been referred to as Maddie in most of the Media since the occasion of her alleged abduction.

We would love to see the child found alive and well, however whether, in such circumstances, she should be returned to her parents is another matter.

We have allowed your insulting comment to remain, then the readers can see what sort of trash we get on the Blog who do nothing to enhance or advance the discussion.