Saturday, 18 May 2013


Today's Daily Express headlines the Madeleine disappearance yet again, with what appears to be an exclusive break-through in the investigation.

After having read the whole article we find that it is just a lot of hot (or more like tepid) air with no positive news regarding any developments in the case.  Rather it seems to be trying to justify the efforts of the 37 Police Officers employed on the job and saying that the person or persons responsible must be out there somewhere, and they will be searching through their files to eliminate suspects from their investigations.   Putting it bluntly the message seems to be, "We are no further on than we were 12 months ago, but will continue!"  

Their hope appears to centre on the recent discovery of the three women in America who were abducted and found alive after almost 10 years of imprisonment in their abductor's house.  

Or is there some hidden message in this latest report,  especially as they now appear to be trying to move the case back to its origin in Portugal?

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