Saturday, 26 October 2013


Well, well, well! This is getting more like a Pantomime every day.   Today we read in the popular Press that the McCanns are to be kept abreast of all the information obtained by the Portuguese Police in their continuing enquiries into the alleged abduction of Madeleine.

How on Earth can those, who have themselves in the past  been suspects, now get the privilege of  being allowed to receive such important details that could well influence any trial or criminal proceedings in the future?    It is a bit like Jack the Ripper helping the Police to find himself!

We must return once again to the fact that had the parents not left the children unattended, no abduction or other crime would have occurred.

In fact, had the parents been Portuguese Nationals they would probably have been arrested, charged with neglect and their other two children taken into care.   Maybe this was something they were concerned about!

Let the Met and Portuguese get on with the job and keep the Parents away from the independent investigations that are being carried out.  Their own publicity, the use of private investigators and the like have achieved nothing, so why don't they keep a low profile and let the experts get on with the job.

We have spoken to many people including the Portuguese, and even a Portuguese Lawyer, but feel it would be improper to publish most of the comments we received.

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