Thursday, 17 October 2013


The Met Police in the recent Crimewatch Program, ruled out the person apparently seen by Jane Tanner, from their enquiries.

No other person, male or female, was seen in the area of the McCann's apartment carrying a child.   However there was a report of a tennis holdall missing that may have belonged to Gerry McCann.  What if the alleged abductor used such a bag to take a sleeping or drugged child from the property?  Who would know, or even suspect, what the bag contained?   The bag could also be used to hide an unconscious infant for a short time until it was convenient to remove it to a different place.

Such an item could be hidden in a cupboard, even whilst a search was going on in the vicinity, and later easily transported in the boot of a car.  Mere speculation?  Or yet another possible scenario?

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