Friday, 11 October 2013

NO MATTER WHAT............. Just IF

IF the McCanns receive any damages from their claim against Goncalo Amaral
IF the McCanns receive any damages from their claim against His Publishers
IF the McCanns receive any damages from their claim against Other Media
IF the McCanns get Madeleine back alive or dead
IF the British Police do not achieve a positive result
IF it is proved there WAS an abduction
IF it is proved there was NO abduction
IF the Tapas group suddenly decide to break their silence
IF the missing tennis holdall is found

And IF Madeleine is never found..........

The only people one can blame , by their own admission, is the McCann Parents who left their three year old child, in the company of her two younger siblings, unprotected, unmanaged and unsupervised, whilst they went off wining and dining.

They should be the ones in the dock, not Amaral or any others.

Not only should Justice be done, it should be seen to be done!


Anonymous said...

Sadly If ONLY those three children were not left alone. Who does that in unfamiliar country. That should be the focus not suing someone who tried to help them find their daughter

Unknown said...

A babysitter would have cost very little in comparison to what has happened.

Damian Young said...

Height of stupidity. I looked at the apartment on google streetview and it was accessible in so many ways but also the children were sleeping in a room which faced into a concealed area on the ground floor carpark on the opposite side of the building to which they were wining/dining. What stupidity! but... what has happened has happened and it still does not get away from the fact that someone entered that apartment and took a small child. I don't even sleep in my house at night without the alarm on, but then I've experienced burglaries and am aware of the dangers, some people, educated GP's or not have no common sense.

My opinion is that someone with intimate knowledge of the McCanns routine on that holiday built enough confidence to enter the room and even possibly hide when they came to check. This would suggest they were watched, and possibly even the room had been entered during the week when Maddie said "Why did you not come when we were crying last night". Makes me feel sick to the stomach. I hope this little girl is alive, and hope the MET police can crack this case and I hope they have telephone records, text message records, CCTV of the area that night as it will take this material to uncover what happened. I also believe there were two abductors, as to exit that window with a toddler in your arms would have been impossible without causing some disturbance or noise, they would have planned this in advance.

Blogger said...

Difficult to get intimate knowledge of movements after just a couple of days they had been in the resort!

fintan said...

there was NO abduction, the mccanns are guilty of at least child neglect, sad FACT is though, they are too well connected to the mirror group, u.k. government and god knows who else and they will NEVER be held accountable. so people, go back to uni and become doctors and you will get away with anything

Blogger said...

Mike Spurgeon, Sorry we cannot post your comment for obvious reasons. MAybe if you rephrased your thoughts?