Thursday, 17 October 2013


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The folks who continue to refute the evidence and make excuses in any way possible for the "poor parents" are disturbing. It's almost as if they don't want to know the truth. They support "poor Kate and poor Gerry" to the point of near insanity. Any comments on blogs that rightly question the parents motivations, behaviour, parenting etc. are shot at as if they were being spoken about sacred cows! Kate has not answered many questions--how can an investigation be effective while she sits closed mouthed, about circumstances surrounding the "disappearance" of her own child. I really think that it is time for her to be arrested, perhaps then she would co-operate? Or does she, by virtue of her profession, her husbands profession, and their respective associates or contacts in 'high places" get a free pass on this? If she is not willing to answer the questions then how can she keep this vigilant "plea for help" in finding the child? Is there something wrong with her that we are not aware of? 

Another Reader commented
Watching the program "Aktenzeichen XY" in Germany (the equivalent of "Crimewatch") something struck me: Gerry McCann says if they could deliver a message to Madeleine, he'd say: "We would tell her how much we LOVED her". Why does not say "We would tell her how much we love her"??

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I don't recall them ever saying "we are so desperately, desperately sorry that we made such a dreadful error in judgement by leaving the children alone. If we could do anything to change that decision we would. As it is, we have to live each day with the anguish that our beautiful little girl, who we love so much, was able to be abducted because we weren't there. Maddy, we're do awfully sorry - please come home to us"

Or something similar. Instead, they appear pretty cold and heartless.

Anonymous said...

I asked my friend the same question today....why no remorse on their actions that led to the little going missing. Maybe I might then sympathise . At present I am suspicious and fed up with their self emotionless behaviour . You left 3 children under 4 alone

Patsy Gallagher said...

say for talking sake.with all that publicity over th years going round the world if anyone had her they would nt be long getting rid of her nowthey mccanns contacted newspapers,uk goverment had a maddie appeal and still would not answer ouestions the portuges police have the right story money is all the mccanns think telling you there is ahell of alot going on they are guilty as sin.the uk police know that too.the goverment is into this too just think uk on its knees all the cuts people in poverty,and over 2million to the mccanns they v had a great time travelling round the world and being centre of attraction c mon people they are more proof it was them even the pope took there namesof the list aye their plaing a good game,they even are desparet to give evidence to get the 1million in the liabel case pity they refused to answer even simple ouestins to help when they were asked.what abought mr smiths sighting he said it was mccann even the big picture if you narrow the chin its mccanns this case should go down in histoy the uk goverment and theguilty mccanns versius the world

Anonymous said...

Something seriously amiss with the story [incomplete] & only the parents know the 'truth'. Pat Brown's book says' what the most of us think. When I lost my Daughter 21yrs past I couldn't eat, sleep, brush my hair much less 'pose' (with toy!) for pic's.
I doubt we shall ever know the full truth - but, for sure I believe in Pat Brown's version despite being cautious of directly accusing the MaCann's of outright murder.

rosie said...

Why are the police putting this sighting out there without telling the world that this was a positive sighting of Gerry as made by Mr Smith. None of this makes any sense. It's incredible, or should I say 'uncredible'?
Also, if Kate really did think that the abductor was still in the apartment, then why the he'll did she go back to the Tapas bar, leaving the twins behind and alone. If she really thought that Maddie had been taken, she would hardly have left her remaining children behind.
It does seem that Maddie will never get the justice that she deserves but hopefully the piper will be paid someday,somehow.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how the Mcanns live with themselves, pair of selfish b------ that hol was not for the kids. They were stuck in the creche all day and bed after tea,while so called loving mummy and daddy played tennis and jogged on the beach. Also all their mates left their kids alone too. SCUM the lot of them

Anonymous said...

I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more,returning were as tedious as go o'er. The McCanns......sorry the Macbeths .Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

Absolute rubbish she was told by her solicitor not to answer questions. See this site just disappear when she is found

Anonymous said...

Why would that be? Don't hold your some actual research before commenting. That'd take ur blinkers off.

Anonymous said...

McCanns choose to use "solicitor advised us" yet PJ advised not to send out campaign using eye blemish as abductor could panic/dispose of child,didn't heed that did they! believed they knew best? Or knew no abduction? But got the money rolling in within days! & let's not forget have since said no defect. Never seen a more contrived publicly team than that pair.
Fine if ppl chose to give own money but now its taxpayers so reckon we deserve to know why they are getting preferential treatment.How many ppl have to raise their own solicitor fees now legal aid gone?
Kate having a position at missing people,Gerry shown around police departments,stranger and stranger,the interviews & Kate's book raise so many more questions, could go on for ever.
Lastly since the said charity supported the law for missing ppl to be declared dead after xyears (release finances/mortgage etc) where does kate stand on subject? Or is police inquiry going to be completed just in time for poor Maddie's fund to become freely available to family,I also never understood Gerrys brother immediately leaving job for a paid position on fund,so didn't they expect/pray child would be found asap? Thats some part of my rant over,tip of the iceberg tbh.
Everyone has theories, will the truth ever be revealed?
But maybe the best scenario is........ They've always known where she is -will bring her home- make lots of money from film/book deals,thus enabling pair to keep their self appointed pity status & halos in place.This at least would mean the child remains alive and well.