Tuesday, 29 October 2013


By Rui Calafete

It is a process that has dragged on for too long, it is a good tool for "spin" to stifle other topics from the media agenda and is one of the greatest hoaxes of which we hear for a long time.

There are so many missing children in the world, so many children who are trafficked and enslaved, but it seems that only this child, specifically, mobilizes the attention of some powers.

I consider a shame these advances and retreats - now the Public Ministry will reopen this process - some e-fits are released for the front pages of sensationalist tabloids and those parents who strike me as extremely cold persons return to the limelight.

Everyone saw that this spectacle has become a circus, everyone has in their opinion a view about the case and all also have a suspicion of what happened. Mine is identical to the majority of the Portuguese, but I do not want to share it.

The British government and the Scotland Yard became heavily involved, perhaps, as never before with any other child, because the press assessor of the parents was part of the communications team of Downing Street.

This case is tiring, has beards, it just fools those who wish to be fooled, but remains afloat. It is in all respects disgraceful the time that the media loses with it, but it sells. That is the secret of the renewed interest. 

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