Monday, 7 October 2013


A few years ago a small child was allegedly abducted in Portugal and even after much investigation by the Portuguese Police, the theory they put forward was not agreed by the child's family or the British Government.   The case went on with the employment, by the parents, of Private Investigators from European Agencies, who all failed to find the perpetrator(s) of the crime.    Following appeals to the Uk Government the "crack" squad of the Metropolitan Police were put on the job.   As previously stated they have also been unable to solve the crime.

Now we hear that a reconstruction of the day of the incident and later days, all filmed in Spain(?) is to be shown on British Television.   It will also be shown in France, Germany and other European Countries, but NOT, REPEAT NOT in Portugal where it happened.   We would have thought that this would be the premier place to air the program!

Surely this is where the child was allegedly abducted, this was where the Tapas crowd left the children unattended. This was the place where cadaver was found in the apartment and in the hire car.  This where a tennis bag disappeared, this is where Kate McCann feels closest to her Daughter.  This is the place that Jane Tanner allegedly saw a man carrying a child like Maddie.  This is the place where the Tapas Crowd witnessed the happenings that evening.  This is the place where the Church became a place of solace for the Parents.  This is the place where the reconstruction would be best filmed and aired.

We also note that in the Lisbon case where ex Detective Amaral is being sued for £2million, the tapas Crowd are not in attendance and giving their support to the McCanns.  Surely they must have some opinion on the matter.  Or are they keeping, or being kept, quiet for other reasons?   Time will tell.

In the meantime do not criticise the Portuguese people without giving them the opportunity to see what the rest of us will be able to see.   The reconstruction needs to be seen by all, in every little detail, including the blood, the cadaver dogs and the body language which says so much.

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