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This is a Translation of an Interview with Goncalo Amaral and brings out one very good point.
Dr.Amaral makes a reference to Madeleines eye and The Coloboma that has been a distinguishing feature of her appearance since she first disappeared.   Apparently, the McCanns refused to give the Portuguese Police access to Madeleine's medical records.  We find this most unusual but follows the other Acts of the parents in not sharing information.
It is known that a Coloboma may hide some very serious illness. Goncalo Amaral finds it odd that, if this is the case,  Madeleine's mother Kate, never suggests to any abductor or warns them that Madeline has any health problem or of her need for any regular or other Medication.
Amaral is even more concerned why the McCanns do not want the case re opened?  Surely if they REALLY wanted to find their child they would do absolutely everything in their power to assist.  Is their negative reaction to such a request a matter of "self preservation" or do they really feel that it would be a useless exercise and do nothing to assist in finding their Daughter?
Maybe all the speculation about what happened on the evening of 3rd. May 2007 will soon be shown to be the most likely solution.
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Ironside said... interesting article that explains this eye defect and medical conditions related.....Madeleine also had or has two different eye colours which makes her case even more rare. This is called 'Heterochromia'

I myself find strange that the Mccanns are two doctors who know very well the name 'Coloboma' which describes Madeleines eye condition.They have never said this word 'Colomboma' However, you can see in the article along with the photograph that it is clear Madeleine had a Coloboma..

It is on record in the Police Files that the Mccanns refused Madeleines medical reports and any Credit Cards.

Madeleines unusual eyes are not mentioned in her passport only a mark on her leg .

Ironside said...

Who Searched for Maddie?

Author Anna..

Ironside said...

I have just discovered something interesting . It seems Madeleine was registered with two Doctors.
Both gave witness statements to police.

Dr.Phillip Hussey

Dr.Ian Richard.

In their statements both claim to have never met Madeleine.

The statements are on the Maddie Case File..I will have to hunt them out : I shall post here when I find them.

Blogger said...

May well be that any childhood ailments were handled by her parents, who are of course, qualified to do so.

Howver further information will be of interest.

Ironside said...

Good morning Blogger I agree. I would imagine a lot of parents who are Doctors would handle their own childrens illness ,coughs and colds grazed knees etc..

I have now been posted the statements thanks to Joana..Nothing unusual there. I only noticed that the two Doctors are telling how nice the Mccanns are and that they love their children and would not have harmed Madeleine.These are statements given to Leicestershire Police and not PJ..So, my question is ,as all seems well why did the Mccanns refuse PJ Madeleines medical history?

The Investigation has not suggested they harmed their child. The Investigation thinks there was a tragic accident in the apartment.

Plus as we have seen from the video you have here, a lot of medication was found in the apartment. Again Doctors would be able to prescribe for themselves.

Statements can be found here.

1 to 3—Witness Statement of Philip Hussey (McCann family doctor) 2008.05.15

Testimony from Ian Richard Schofield 14 May 2008
3—Witness statement of Ian Richard Schofield (Dr. at Alpine Practice) 2008.05.14



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Friends and Family speak of Madeleine Beth Mccann.

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Maddie files under-wraps.

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Another interesting piece from Dr.Martin Roberts.

The doors were LOCKED..say the Mccanns...UNLOCKED says a friend who also checked on the children.

Ironside said...

Thoughts from Blacksmith.


I would like to make a comment . The PR team the Mccanns have hired in Portugal have spread through the help of 'Friends of Mccann'
on the Internet some very serious allegations toward Dr.Amaral. I hope that these people will also face justice sometime soon for slander.

Ironside said...

The seven witnesses that Dr.Amaral will call during his trial with the Mccanns.

1) Magalhães e Meneses, the Public Ministry prosecutor who held the main prosecution file on Madeleine

2) PJ Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida, the detective who compiled the powerful report dated 10 September 2007 which concluded that there were strong indications that Madeleine had died in Apartment 5A, adding in his report that “from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, did not want to deliver up Madeleine’s corpse immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility therefore that it was moved from the initial place where she died”

3) PJ Inspector and McCann family liaison officer, Ricardo Paiva, who was at the heart of the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance

4) National-Joint Director of PJ in Faro Guilhermino Encarnação,

5) The PJ's Serious Crime Unit Director Luís Neves,

6) The former Judiciary Police Inspector and Criminologist, Francisco Moita Flores, the one who famously said that it would be ‘one of the 10 or 12 individuals’ in what has been called the ‘Tapas 9’ group that was most likely to know what really happened to Madeleine, and finally,

7) Scotland Yard Inspector, José Freitas.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the general consensus is that doctors normally prescribe for themselves and their families. All the doctors I have known have had the greatest respect for the drugs laws and would never jeopardise either their careers or their family's health by prescribing for them. Funnily enough they also always appreciated having time with their families when they could, and would never have dreamed of leaving them unattended while they went out on the lash. I am tempted to think that the opening up of the profession in recent years has not been altogether a good thing - some very unsuitable people have clearly slipped into medical schools during this time.

Ironside said...

Some more interesting information on Coloboma..Scroll down to Treatment..

Children receive specialist care with this condition at a hospital. Six month check ups up to the age of 7 years...

Later contact lenses may be suggested.


The last interview that the Mccanns made Mccann said that Madeleine is probably wearing contact lenses by now...Kate said 'Oh its just a fleck'...Two Doctors who gave witness statements do not mention madeleines Coloboma.


From this article Madeleine would be too young to wear cosmetic lenses at this moment in why does Mccann suggest such a thing? Could it be that Madeleines Coloboma was not as obvious as we were made to believe? Or is this to do with the Mccanns not wanting to hand over Madeleines medical records to PJ for another reason?

medical records management said...

this is just crazy what the public can learn today about our private medical records. in this case i don't understand why it's the public matter to know all that information.