Wednesday, 23 December 2009


....and more publicity and heart wrenching activity from the McCann camp and all its followers.

It is reported that the McCanns will be marking yet another "special" day for their Daughter, Madeleine, who disappeared after she was so cruely left alone with her two younger siblings whilst her parents left for an evening of revelry with their friends.

January 2010 will mark the 1000th day since little Maddie went missing.

Why, oh why do these McCanns keep almost "celebrating" these days and expecting the rest of us to do likewise?  We would prefer to celebrate the day that Maddie was found, or they were brought to justice for at least the act of abandoning their children on that fateful evening.   The law has let them off completely whereas others doing a similar act would be encarcerated in one of her Majesty's penal institutions.

According to the first comment this post has received the McCann camp are now apparently establishing "time lines" as to when she will be found.  How absurd it is for them to suggest that a certain time will pass before Maddie is found!!  Unless, of course, someone knows where she is and is going to make the fateful "discovery" at some pre-ordained time and place in the future!  Maybe after they have sold all the merchandise!

Such comments do little to convince Joe Public that the group are less than innocent in the whole charade, which after all, is what it has almost become.


Ironside said...

It seems that Clarence Mitchel also has a crystal ball..This snippet taken from an interview Mitchel claims Madeleine will not be found next week ...the invetigation could take up to a year.


Q: Some celebrities generosity, such as Richard Branson, allowed the McCann's to hire the best lawyers that money can buy. Did you advise them in their choice?

A: Absolutely not. But I do recognise the need for them to be surrounded by the best Portuguese and British professionals. They are suspected of having killed their daughter and having got rid of the body. That is a very serious accusation. People want them charged and tried. Or at least that Maddie appears next week, and that is not going to happen. this investigation might take a year.


Source: Mccannfiles

Ironside said...

I must have missed something.

Ironside said...

A Christmas Story...


Ironside said...

I would like to wish all the followers of the Madeleine Mccann case a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..xxxx

Anonymous said...

Maddie case on the Internet

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from Joana Morais

Ironside said...

Interview with Goncalo Amaral.

It seems the Mccanns are doing interviews with the Portuguese Press....At least in Portugal GA has a chance to defend himself in the Press.

Ironside said...

Ironside said...

Dr Gerald Mccann has a busy month lined up...The Hearing with Dr.Amaral ..he is also giving his version of events to the Portuguese Press ...(translation to follow)

He will also be speaking at the CEOP conference..The conference predominantly focussing on sexually motivated abductions.

Ironside said...

Translation of Interview with Goncalo Amaral.

Dr.Amaral makes a very good `point ' about Madeleines eye. The Coloboma. The Mccanns refused PJ Madeleines medical records.
Coloboma may hide some very serious illness. Goncalo finds it odd that if this is the case . Kate, Madeleines mother, never suggests to the abductor or warns him Madeline has a problem or of the Medication that she may need.

He is even more concerned why the Mccanns do not want the case re opened?